Little Man’s 9 Month Wrap Up

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Tomorrow little man will be 10 months old. Mommy is so not ready for it, but it’s time to start working on his first birthday party. (Please excuse me while I go cry uncontrollably in a corner).

9 months old has been such a fun age. This month he learned so many new things and is growing even faster! This past week I’ve really started noticing new things that he is doing each and every day. Before it seemed like we would hit a milestone every few weeks but within the last few weeks he seems to have been hitting so many at once!

“Words” Learned: squeals, high squeaks, grunts when he’s mad, ughhhhhhh (when he wants something you have).

Favorite “Word”: dada, while there is not necessarily a lot of meaning just one he repeats over and over and over. We are working on associating “dada” with Daddy and “mama” with Mommy.

New Skills: Toddling (with no help!), dancing when music was on (a friend of ours told us he looks like he’s twerking… Please excuse me while I go back to my corner and cry!!), putting the basketball in the basket on his Little Tikes Sports Center & Little man has also started responding to his name when we say it. He will turn and look at us with the biggest smile on his face.

New Foods: He is starting to eat a lot more food that we do. This month he successfully ate cut up chicken, turkey, bananas (cut up, all by himself!), pasta, dinner rolls &  stuffing! He also experimented with lemon rice soup. After a few funny faces actually enjoyed it (and wouldn’t leave mommy alone begging for more). Overall he is still eating mostly baby food but we are slowly adding new things in!

Favorite Toys: Sophie The Giraffe, Little Tikes Sports Center, & My Pal Scout

Favorite Foods: I think it’s pretty safe to say that this kid would eat potatoes ANYTIME you offered them to him. Although there isn’t much he doesn’t like, potatoes were by far his favorite this month. Oh and gerber graduate puffs

Favorite Books: Thomas The Train, So Big! (The book cover seemed appropriate for this post, since I can’t believe how incredibly big little man is getting!)

Holiday’s Celebrated: Little Man’s FIRST CHRISTMAS! Little man even had his first trip to see Santa!

I’m sure I will ask this every month, but seriously…. how do you get them to stop growing!? He’s not a baby anymore!!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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