A Slow Night

You know the days where you can feel that you have not had enough water to drink? Yea, that is what tonight turned into. I managed to keep chugging away at my run but after a very late start to the gym and not feeling it, it was definitely not as good as my last few runs have been. Normally I make it to the gym by 8 or 8:15 and tonight I didn’t make it until 8:45.

Sporting: TekGear Top & Long Spandex Pants (From High School!)
Rockin Out To: Workout Playlist

Tonight’s run started out as planning on 2 miles. At 2 miles I decided to keep pushing a little bit more. After 38 laps I decided I was good for the night after having a longer run the night before. All in all I ran 2.53 miles and walked another quarter mile or so just cooling down.

It was getting late already so I headed over to do a few minutes on the rows machine. No matter how tired I am or how much energy I have I always feel like that is an awesome workout!

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