About Me

Why hello there! 

My name is Kristin and I’m the crazy blogger behind Leggings and Lattes. I’m a daughter, wife & mom in her early 30’s looking for a place to share what’s on her mind. My husband and I have been married for 5 years now and have two wonderful little boys and a boston terrier. 


By day I am an SEM strategist. I spend a lot of time looking at excel spreadsheets and fighting with search engines… It might not always seem like it, but I love it. 

In 2014 I needed a way to lose the baby weight after my oldest was born. I learned what it meant to eat healthy, exercise regularly and attempt to keep in shape. Not only does it keep me sane but it has changed my attitude about so many aspects of life. A good day always starts with a run. 


Writing has always been my way to get my thoughts out. If there is something on my mind, I’m more likely going to send you an email vs. have an out loud conversation about it. Looking back on things I’ve written over the years always is guaranteed to make me smile… even on the bad days. For that very reason, I will always find a way to maintain a blog in some form.

Random Facts About Me

  1. Knitting is my favorite hobby. I used to set a yearly goal of knitting a pair of socks a month. With two incredibly active boys I don’t get nearly as much done as I used to but always love picking up the needles from time to time. 
  2. I absolutely love photography. My Grandfather used to shoot all kinds of nature shots and I can promise that’s where I found my love of photography. These days I follow my kids around with a camera, but always love a good landscape shoot. 
  3. Gymnastics will always be my first love. I used to spend hours designing websites for a few members of the USA Gymnastics national team. Find a gymnastics meet on TV and you’ll immediately lose me for a few hours. 
  4. The one sport that we agree on in our house is college basketball. Regardless of the team on TV you can pretty much guarantee we’ll watch whatever game is on. 
  5. In high school I was part of a language study program in France. It was one of the best decisions I ever made and I still keep up with the friendships I made. 
  6. If I could wear workout clothes every day I would. Nothing is better than a comfortable pair of leggings. 
  7. I started throwing shot-put and discus in high school. I competed for the track team in college my Freshman year. After non stop ankle problems I finally decided to stop early on in my Sophomore year. To this day I wish I was able to find a way to continue.
  8.  I’ve been asked on more than one occasion how many cups of coffee I drink in a day. My answer is always “not enough” even though two to three seems to be my limit if I want to sleep at night. 
  9. Even though it’s my favorite drink, every year I refuse to drink a Peppermint Mocha until Black Friday. It officially kicks off the holiday season for me. 
  10. I have zero shame in admitting that I am a Hanson fan to this day. 

Behind The Blog

I like to tell people I’ve been blogging since 1998, long before it was called a blog. While it is true, it’s also true that over the years I have changed so much of what I write about.

When I started my first website I was in 6th grade and wrote all about gymnastics and my life as a rec gymnast. These days, I like to think of my blog as having coffee with a friend. 

My blog has seen many names and urls over the years. For awhile I kept everything in one place at my main website www.kristinlongacre.com. After about a year of consistently writing, I felt like something was off. My motivation was lacking and I didn’t like the idea of my blog being hosted on my domain. I often felt like I was holding back because it felt like it needed to be about me. 

After much thought, I decided to move things off of my main domain. I love sharing new things I find, stories about life and reviews on products I love… as I mentioned I find my blog to be like having a cup of coffee with a friend. 

So Leggings and Lattes was born. 

It’s still my thoughts on life. If you look closely there ARE blog entries here dating back to 1999 (yup, I’ve still got them ALL) but for the most part it’s my place on the web to write it all down

Will it evolve in to new topics over the years? 

Of course. 

For now let’s have a cup of coffee together.