April Blog Report & May Goals

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I feel like I was just writing my March Blog Report and setting my goals for this month. Suddenly April is done and we are well into May. How the heck did that happen? Let’s take our monthly break from drinking coffee talking about mom life to chat a little bit about what’s been going on behind the scenes with the blog over the last month. How about we dig into the April blog report.

April Blog Report

April Blog Report

Quite possibly the most exciting blog related event was that I celebrated my 19th anniversary of starting my first website. Writing a post about everything I’ve learned in the last 19 years was so much fun and a wonderful trip down memory lane.

My original goal for April was to basically double what I did in March. Well that didn’t happen… in any of the ways I had hoped.

As I look through the April blog report, I’m still thrilled with where it ended up. We did stay consistent enough to surpass last month’s pageviews with 1,123 pageviews. Some days have been better than others and some posts I thought would be a hit were not as big as I had hoped.

You know what though? Each day is another lesson in blogging.

When it comes to Pinterest, I did not hit the 1,000 followers goal but I did manage to make my way up to 719. This week my goal is to get to 750 so if we’re not Pinterest friends, we really should be.

New users was a huge goal of mine, since my ultimate blogging goal is to build a community. I did find a blogging community on Facebook that I love. Overall though, new users will continue to be a goal as we look towards May and what is in store for the blog.

To be honest I’m chalking it up as a learning experience and focusing on May now. I love blogging. Each day my hour at the coffee shop is my break to just let it all out on WordPress. I have learned so much in the last month, it’s enough to move forward and set new goals.

So what did I learn?

I completed Michelle’s class Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. Included in the course is a bonus section on Pinterest. Not only was it filled with information on how to make money while blogging but the additional courses inside of the course started me on a whole new direction with Pinterest. If you are at all considering trying to monetize your blog I highly recommend you stop, drop and take Michelle’s course. It is worth every penny.

I picked up another set of courses during a HUGE sale at the Ultimate Bundles midway through the month as well. The month got away from me and I’ve only scratched the surface on the resources there. I can’t wait to dig in more this month.

April’s Popular Blog Posts

In some ways I was surprised at my top posts for April and in other ways I wasn’t too surprised. 19 Blogging Lessons was by far my favorite post to write in April and I spent a lot of time promoting it in various ways. That one was no surprise to me to be up to the top. Rodan+Fields UNBLEMISH still is one of my top posts and I hope will continue to stay there for a long time. I wrote it years ago but have been enjoying the opportunity to go back and tweak it.

April Top 5

  1. 19 Blogging Lessons For My 19th Blogiversary
  2. Rodan+Fields Umblemish
  3. A Few Blogging Must Haves & Wednesday Link Love
  4. 5 Ways To Treat Yourself When You Need a Pick Me Up
  5. March Blog Report

I hope to continue to push all of my favorite posts from April as well as the new ideas I have stirring for May.

May’s Goals

Originally I wanted to start focusing on other social networks as I moved into May. For now I’m going to continue to build on my goals from April.

  1. Make Pinterest My Number 1 Source of Traffic
  2. Hit 2,500 Pageviews
  3. Hit 1,000 Pinterest Followers

April Blog Report

April was fun, care to join me for coffee in May?
What were your April goals? Did you accomplish them?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. April definitely did go SO fast! I feel like every month is a learning experience with blogging. Even when you don’t meet your goals, you still see some sort of progress and are able to take something away for the month ahead.
    Rose recently posted…April: What I ReadMy Profile

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