Baby It's Cold Outside…. T25 & Other Ramblings

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It is officially Winter here in the Midwest. Okay, I guess it’s not TECHNICALLY winter but damn does it feel like it!

After last week’s freezing cold run I really tried to convince myself to run outside this weekend. Mother Nature had other plans and it snowed all day Sunday. As hardcore as I am, I really didn’t think 15 degrees would be a good idea. I remembered that a family member had a treadmill in their basement so I called them up & headed over.

I did a 4 mile run in just under 40  minutes, while I wasn’t going for time or speed I just figured I’d see how I felt.

I forgot how bored I get on treadmills! I did watch almost an entire episode of Madam Secretary. Has anyone else watched that? So good!Baby It's Cold

While I haven’t been running a ton, I’ve been working hard to complete T25. I just finished week 3 this morning and am feeling pretty good about it. The first week, every muscle I had was sore but now things are starting to feel a little better and I’m getting into the routine. If anyone is looking for a good winter supplement to their running I highly recommend it! I’m working muscles that I really didn’t ever use running.

We have a heatwave coming this weekend. There are rumors that we might see 50 degrees again! I’m looking forward to a run somewhere in there.

What do you watch/listen to while you’re on a treadmill?


Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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