Bachelor in Paradise Finale

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Bachelor in Paradise

I’m a few weeks behind on finishing up Bachelor in Paradise. Not that I don’t love this show, but with a little bit of traveling and a busy schedule I had to catch up over the last two weeks. I finally am caught up and it is safe to say, I’m already excited for next year in Paradise.

Chris Harrison claimed, of course, that it was “the most dramatic season yet” and as usual it lived up to his claims.

While there were a number of new people and random couples that popped up during the finale, let’s focus on the ones who actually have a shot.

Mackenzie & Ashley S

Yes, they’re not a couple but the two of them deserve the award of best entertainment ever. Between these two Bachelor in Paradise has been one of the funniest shows this summer.

Ashley S is just awesome. After watching her leave Chris’s season, I was so excited to see what she had to bring ot the table on Paradise. As the season started she seemed normal, but by the end of the season she made her crab friends.

Mackenzie’s conversation in week five with Ashley I about aliens and “the future” made my day. I’m pretty sure a marriage was not the same thing as an alien sighting.

As Chris Harrison says…

“I don’t think the real world is safe for Ashley S. She belongs in Paradise full time” – After Paradise

I would definitely watch! Although, it sounds as though we will no longer see Ashley S on The Bachelor as she recently got engaged to her college sweetheart.

Mikey & Juelia

Hats off to Mikey for being honest with Juelia; so rarely does that happen on these shows. I couldn’t stand him when he was on the Bachelorette but he was such a sweetheart and was so nice to Juelia when they came back. He gave it an honest shot & he was honest with her when he told her it wasn’t going to happen. 

She deserved it after Joe and you can tell her heart was really in it. I was glad to see that he tried to make it work but was not a jerk about it in the end that it wasn’t going to continue.

Jared & Ashley I

Ashley I drove me crazy on Chris’s season and to be honest wasn’t my favorite on Bachelor in Paradise. I loved Jared on Kaitlyn’s season but I didn’t think they were a good match. Her obsession with the fantasy suite date took over a little too much of the finale.

“I tried so hard” – Ashley I

I think that pretty much sums up their relationship. Jared never seemed to be fully into it, that could’ve been the editing but Ashley I was way more into him. Like Mikey I was glad to see that he was honest and didn’t just blow her off.

Carly & Kirk

Ugh, my heart breaks for Carly. She was so in love with Kirk and he was clearly not there. If he has been feeling that upset for a week (aka four episodes) why is it just now coming up? Poor Carly, she clearly didn’t see it coming. The whole first half of the episode was about how safe she felt. You could tell the other girls were crushed for her.

Hearing her story on After Paradise made me feel even more for her. She obviously had talked with him about the future and he never stepped in to say something else. While I agree that there are always two sides to it, I feel like Kirk could have been more open with Carly when he started to question things. I mean, they only have three weeks right?

Carly & Jade are the cutest TV best friends though!

Tenley & Josh

They were pretty quiet throughout the season, honestly I couldn’t remember that they were dating until the final couples were around. It was sad to see them say goodbye but how often has distance worked on the Bachelor shows?

Jade & Tanner

Sigh….. I’m so glad the previews were wrong on this one. Jade is such a sweetheart and seemed to stay out of the drama. When it comes down to the Bachelor/Bachlorette series my favorite girls are always the ones who avoid the drama.

While the previews sent us down the path thinking Jade was dumped by Tanner it was the exact opposite.

Another Paradise proposal!

Hopefully they will stay together and kick off next season’s Bachelor in Paradise with their wedding.

Did you watch paradise? Who was your favorite? Will Jade and Tanner make it?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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