Chicago Youth Church Trip

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I just has the best weekend of my life. I mean we went to the Rainforest cafe and all this stuff. I seriously rocked! Here is a nice looong review!

Ok, Friday night we spent 5 hours in a car. When we got to Chicago we went to our rooms for a little bit then went to a concert. (Christian Rock)

Scott, Danielle, and I were going CRAZY! It was soooo much fun!

Then I went into the boys room and hung out for awhile. We watched Simpsons and stuff, then went back downstairs for a campfire. That was a blast, I met a kid named Brad who asked for our room number and stuff. Later I found out he was in 6th grade, but still. He was cool.

Then we went back and had “family time” after that we went to sleep. Not only were we in a different time zone, but it was past midnight.

Brad called at 12:30, but my pastor hung up on him!

On Saturday we were eating breakfast at 8:30 then went down to worship. After that we split up into treks.

I went to People Bingo with Scott, Will, and Matt. It was the worst game I’ve ever played.

At the worship this group called Lost and Found had been singing and I was up dancing and they saw me and asked my name and stuff, so I’m now known as Kristin from the back. *L*.

Then we had McDonalds for lunch.

Then we had two more Treks. I did Shipwrek with Danielle, Scott, Erika, Matt, Will, Brittney, Connie, and Taylor. It was cool. Then the next trek was Disaster. The lady told us that God will never accept you once you take the wrong path. It was stupid.

Then we spent 3 hours shopping at the mall. 4 of us girls all got the same shirt with a matching bracelet. Then we ate at the Rainforest Cafe. We spent about two hours there. Danielle had this piece of Pie that was huge at least 6 inches wide. It was like pure sugar too. She was sooo crazy after that.

We went back for more concerts and worships. Then went swimming. It was fun, Scott, Matt, Brittany, Will, and I were chicken fighting. Then we pushed Danielle into the pool. The problem was is that she had just dyed her hair.

After that we went to another campfire then went back to our rooms. Lucky we got to switch rooms and got to room with Danielle, Brittany, Taylor, and Erika.

After an episode of Jerry Springer, Danielle’s 45 minute shower, and one round through the Hanson CD, we went to bed!

The next morning we skipped a concert so we could sleep in! Well, if you call 8:00 sleeping in. So we got ready and went downstairs to worship.

As soon as worship was over, we packed up the vans and headed home. After 5 loooong hours in the car. We had complied a list of inside jokes that was sooooo long. Read them here. I wish I was still in Chicago cause we had the most fun ever. Can’t wait till camp guys!

School sux as usual! Got my report card, 5 C’s. YUCK! 8TH GRADE SUCKS! So now I’ll just shut up!


Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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