Crock Pot Potato Soup

Crock Pot Potato SoupAs temperatures in the Midwest dipped below zero today, it was a good day to try out a new recipe for something warm. I found a recipe this weekend for Crock Pot Potato Soup. Nothing sounded better to me so I decided to make it up for a few lunches this week!

Overall it was a little on the salty side for me, but I normally buy low sodium chicken broth. I wasn’t thinking at the store and bought regular!

This made for a great lunch throughout the week and I would say one serving was about a cup. It made around 4 – 5 quarts of soup I estimated! It makes a lot and lasts a long time!


I did buy low fat cream cheese just out of habit even though the recipe said not to.

Recipe Nutrition Breakdown

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Would I Make it Again: Yes

Kid Friendly: I think if little man could use a spoon a little better he would LOVE this!

Things I Would Change Next Time: Low sodium chicken broth!

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  1. I’ve honestly been looking for a tasty potato soup recipe for these cold winters we get up here in Canada – I must give this one a try, thanks for sharing 🙂

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