Cross Training Week 5

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Wohoo cross training, or should I say “WOOOOO!” (this will make more sense later).

This week there were two cross training days, two rest days & three run days. I accomplished all of the run days, including a 10 mile run!

Monday night I did our typical one hour walk. I am hoping that once my Hip Hop Abs DVD arrives (tomorrow) I can start using that twice a week instead of using a walk as a form of cross training.

Shakeology 30 Minute Workout

When I ordered my Hip Hop Abs DVD, I got a free trial of Shakeology & two online workouts. I decided to do the 30 Minute Shakeology workout tonight. I really do want to try the shakes and I’m excited about that portion. I am not sure that I would use the workouts again though.

The 30 minute workout was geared towards the product and I’ll be honest, the girl drove me nuts when she said “WOOOOO!” after almost every exercise. I guess they’re supposed to be cheery right? She also kept telling us to shake it out. I work in marketing so maybe it was just me but it felt like subliminal advertising.

I will say it was a great beginners workout and for anyone who is looking to get started with working out at home it would be a good starting place. It just wasn’t my cup of tea for cross training. That is okay though.


I haven’t done this section in awhile and I found something new so I thought I would share.

After doing some research and reading an awesome article about sports bras for half marathon’s on Run Eat Repeat, I decided to order a nicer sports bra since I tend to be all about the cheap stuff. I have a slight obsession with Athleta clothes and recently discovered my Old Navy card works there too. What a troubling awesome discovery. I was close to free shipping so I decided to get the Tie Dye Seamless Tank as well. I keep looking for new clothes to workout (I mean who doesn’t want new workout clothes) and this looked like an nice new addition.

I decided to try it out tonight and it was super comfortable but definitely showed me the areas I need to work out! It’s very fitted. I don’t think I will use it for running because of the straps, but the built in bra is PERFECT for some of the at home workouts I am doing. Very good purchase.

What did you do today? What is your favorite type of cross training?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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