Currently In February – Snow, TV Shows & College Basketball

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We have already made it halfway through February and we have only had one somewhat decent snowstorm this year. I am completely okay with it even though I have a toddler who would really like to build a snowman. The untouched snow is beautiful but it is also cold. Summer should be just around the corner and we are already counting down the days.

Reading: I’m slowly working my way through a few books right now. Slow being the keyword! I’m working my way through my list of books that I’ve purchased for free or cheap on Kindle but have yet to read. There are about 200 of them though so it might be awhile.

Shamelessly Addicted To Watching: All of the wonderful shows that are back on. The Bachelor, Madam Secretary, Rattled, Downton Abbey, Biggest Loser. There are so many wonderful shows on again. The only reason I don’t want summer to come is because they will disappear.

Rocking Out To: Each week I discover new and wonderful Spotify playlists. I won’t lie though, my favorite and current go to is Songs to Sing in the Shower.

Drinking: It is cold so the hot chocolate is out in full force. Did you know that Swiss Miss makes a Marshmallow Lover’s Hot Chocolate Mix? There are five times the marshmallows!

Obsessively Eating: Oranges. Most of the year I’m not a big fan of oranges. With February being a month where it is hard to find decent fruit, the oranges have been delicious. I seriously can’t get enough, which is probably good considering the strawberries & blueberries (my normal go to fruits) are terrible right now. On the flip side. Easter candy is out and I just bought my first bag of mini Cadbury eggs this week. Uh oh.

Loving The Fact That: It is supposed to be close to 50 degrees this weekend. Yes, we have had an incredibly mild Winter but I’m over it. Bring on the warmth!

Wearing: PJs as much as possible. Just kidding. Actually, not really.

Knitting: A few weeks ago I finished up a pair of Monkey Socks, so I cast on another pair. I am still (slowly) working my way through the Advent scarf too.

Planning For: First things first we are planning for Little Man’s THIRD birthday next week. How is that even possible? Following that we are planning for warm weather. We already can’t wait to get back to our weekend walks, trips to the park and late night baseball outside. Hurry up please!

Enjoying: The awesome number of basketball games and gymnastics meets that are on TV right now. There is so much to watch.

Feeling: Lately I’ve been feeling a little bad about my slowness of posting here. I promise it will get better soon. I went through a huge spree in December and January of posting so regularly that my lack of posting is driving me crazy. I’m hoping to get back on schedule soon, for real!

What are you up to right now?
What is your favorite thing so far in February?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. I am totally counting down the days until Spring right now, but I’m really looking forward to this weekend weather! It will be a nice break from the cold. Just for the record, I’m hanging out in my pjs right now!

    1. Hahahaha glad I’m not the only one enjoying my pjs!!! We are so close to warm weather!

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