Easter Weekend In Pictures

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The weather is finally nice enough to spend some time outside and we were clear from rain (for the most part). Easter weekend was a weekend with very few plans going in but turned out to be productive and fun nonetheless. Unfortunately there is still two giant piles of laundry waiting for me. Then again when isn’t there?

It has been a very long time since I’ve done a weekend recap so let’s catch up on our weekend with a few pictures.


Friday was a day off work and daycare for all of us. We decided to kick it off with breakfast and a few errands we had been putting off for awhile. Every once and awhile going out to breakfast is a must for us and I should’ve taken a picture of how wonderful the meat lovers skillet was that I decided to devour. Just trust me on this one. One big mistake…taking on the grocery store. That was a terrible idea.

It is possible that the overall theme of our Easter weekend was “let’s see how messy can you get playing with bubbles”. Little Man has been begging to get the Thomas bubble machine out that he got as for Baby B when he was born. B might’ve lost his toy but to be honest he wasn’t exactly thrilled with the noise it made.

Thomas Bubble Toy

In case you are wondering, MANY baths were necessary this weekend and I think we went through at least three containers of bubbles at home. It is entirely possible that Grandma went through another container as well.

While Little Man played with bubbles I worked on cleaning as much as possible. The goal was to not worry about cleaning the rest of the weekend. As much as I missed being outside, it felt awesome to be able to open up the house with the nice weather. Luckily I got it all done and I got to enjoy it the rest of the weekend.

With the nice weather we decided Friday would be a nice night to grill out. We got out the patio furniture and had shish-ka-bobs with my mom. Again, I was a failure when it came to pictures but trust me… they were great.

Then the skies opened up and washed away all of the bubbles that were ALL OVER our deck.


Saturday morning our neighborhood had an Easter egg hunt for kids up to the age of 10. Little Man was so excited when I told him about it so we headed down to check it out. Kids are grouped by age so the older kids don’t wind up with all of the candy. Unfortunately the whole idea was a little too overwhelming and Little Man got too scared. By the time he had a chance to get up the nerve to get some eggs they were all gone. He was so bummed out.

On our way home we managed to drop Baby B’s favorite toy, also known as Pup Pup. It’s hands down the best teething toy and has on a few occasions gotten as a few extra hours of sleep. I had planned on doing a run anyways so I decided to go when we got home in hopes of finding Pup Pup. Luckily Pup Pup was waiting for me in the middle of the street! I really need to order a backup Pup Pup.

Missing Pup Pup

The only downside to my Easter weekend run is that it hit 79 degrees out right around the time I went. Of course the sun was shining in full force and there was virtually no shade. I was fighting the wind and used that to keep cool. My original plan was to run about 2.5 miles, hit up a drinking fountain that I thought was at one of the local parks and then run back.  Unfortunately the drinking fountain was nowhere to be found so it made my run a little hotter than normal. I could’ve been disappointed but I can’t complain about finally being able to run outside again. Overall the run could’ve been better… it could’ve been worse!

5 Mile Run

Does anyone else get crazy runner’s hair? So it’s not just me? My hair was a hot mess after my run but that means it was a good run, right?

Runners Hair Don't Care

We headed over to hang out with my mom for awhile and head to the park. Little Man LOVED being able to play outside and run around. Have no fear, we went through more bubbles.  I didn’t pay attention before we left but I officially started my first runner’s tan of the year with a sunburn. Oops.


When we got home I realized that the Easter bunny needed to do some shopping. Baby B and I loaded up the car and headed to Kohls. Luckily (depending on how you look at it) the Easter bunny figured out that Kohls was having their semi-annual shoe sale. A new pair of Nikes fit perfectly into my lack of Easter weekend planning.

Nike Women's Flex 2017

Don’t worry, the Easter bunny spent some time in the kids section too. Both boys wound up with adorable Easter outfits and some new treats to find Sunday morning.

It’s rare that I take over the TV in our house. Saturday night was the exception and our TV had an hour and a half straight of gymnastics. Hands down Oklahoma DESERVED every ounce of their National title. In case you missed it, the entire night was pure domination. I can’t wait to see what they come back with next year.

NCAA Gymnastics Championships

Easter Sunday

We did Easter morning a little bit more quietly this year compared to years past. Little Man and I decided we needed our usual Sunday morning waffles to go along with the Easter candy that the Easter bunny left behind.

The Pioneer Women Waffles

Luckily the Easter bunny left a lot more than just candy behind for Little Man and Baby B. There was a lot of excitement when Little Man found out what was waiting for him. Baby B on the other hand didn’t really care, as long as he could chew on it… he was good.

Easter Bunny

Maybe the Easter bunny went a little overboard during her Kohls trip? I mean, she scored $40 in Kohls cash out of the deal.

We got ready for our Easter weekend lunch with family and I made up a fruit salad. As usual, while I made my fruit salad I also made a fruit salad smoothie to go along with it for Monday morning breakfast.

Fruit Salad

We headed out to enjoy some time with family. Luckily Little Man got TWO more shots at Easter egg hunts and maxed out on candy this weekend. After running around with his cousins for a few hours, we have incredible neighbors who left more eggs hidden around our yard. Today we have a disappointed little guy after he realized that the Easter bunny is not going to stop by again for awhile.

Easter Eggs

Sunday night was back to our usual routine. Little Man and Daddy worked in the yard. Unfortunately Little Man was not happy when Daddy wanted to mow the lawn and mow over his flowers. Instead they “fertilized” them with weed killer. Hey, whatever works right?

I went back to my normal meal prep and got ready for another busy week.

Meal Prep

How was your Easter weekend?

Easter Weekend In Pictures

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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