Fall/Summer Day Treadmill Run

I finally thought I was getting away from some of the rougher days, but today turned out to be another. This weather is INSANE. Someone forgot to inform mother nature that it is July and not October. It wound up being another good week for a treadmill run.

Treadmill Run

We had a cookout to go to and I was fighting a headache all day so I wasn’t quite sure if a run would happen. Of course as we got home & the little man went to bed the heavens opened up and it down poured.

With one week left on our gym membership I figured I’d take (more than likely) one last run on the treadmill before we figure out our new gym situation. Today’s workout was “35 minutes easy paced” so I decided to try and stay somewhere between 8:15 and 8:45 a mile and aim for 4 miles.

It felt pretty good but at the same time reminded me how much it will suck come winter when all of my runs are on the treadmill again. Ugh. Why can’t it be warmer year round in the Midwest.


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