Favorite Toddler Books

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Favorite Toddler BooksThings are changing with our suddenly toddler of a little man. Instead of our nightly rocking little man is starting to ease into the big boy phase of going right to his crib at night. While I was not expecting it, we decided to change up our routine a bit and read more at night and then “go night night”.

We’ve always loved to read and little man loves his books but we’re at an awkward stage. He’s a little to young still for the paper books which tend to be a little bit longer but the simple board books with 3 or 4 words per page go by way too fast. While I am excited for the day that we can read Green Eggs and Ham past the first page, for now we are enjoying some shorter toddler books. We’ve found a few new books that we are currently loving and a few that have been our favorites from the very beginning.

What’s Friday without a few favorites?

Read and Roll Safety
A newer book that little man got for his birthday was the Construction Crew – Read and Roll Book Set. One of the books that he keeps running back to is the book on Safety. We love this book because not only are there “big trucks” but they also talk about the different types of safety equipment and he loves to point each of those out on every page.

Chika Chika Boom Boom
From the very beginning I’ve been reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom book to little man. It was one of my favorites from elementary school and I LOVE that we have a board book version of this book. He can’t destroy it but it is still short enough that we can read it fairly quickly. His favorite part is “OH NO…. Chicka Chicka BOOM BOOM!” We’ve read it enough that I can recite the book without having to read it which has paid off in situations where we’re stuck without things to occupy him!

The Going To Bed Book
Books by Sandra Boynton were completely new to me but I’ve loved the few books we have by her! Little man likes to grab The Going-To-Bed Book a lot of the time when he gets to pick a book. It’s a pretty quick book but there are lots of animals and we get to talk about things he does every night in his routine. We also love Hippos Go Berserk!

Let’s Cruise – Friendship Board Book Set

Little man is a little boy in every way. He very quickly learned what cars are and how to make them crash, go flying across the floor and drive on every surface possible. A friend gave us her son’s set of Let’s Cruise! (Friendship Box, 4 board books in a box). These have very easily become our FAVORITE set of books. Little Man’s favorite is Mater but we enjoy reading all of the books. I’m pretty sure he would read those over and over again if we let him every single night. I recently saw a newer version of these advertised on Zulilly so keep  you’re eye out for them if you’re looking. They’re fantastic.

Are there any other toddler moms out there with toddler book recommendations?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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