Fearless Fourteen by Janet Evanovich

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Fearless Fourteen by Janet EvanovichWhat do you get when you cross a washed up pop star, a monkey, a kid named Zook, a crazy stalker named Gary, a guy named Mooner and a dead person in a basement…. Another Stephanie Plum adventure of course!

In Fearless Fourteen Stephanie kicks off her latest adventure trying to talk an FTA named Loretta out of killing herself. After she convinces her that she will quickly get re-bonded they head to the court house. It turns out that things aren’t that simple. Unfortunately Stephanie had offered to watch Lorettea’s son Mario (also named Zook) if Loretta had to to stay in jail. Morelli happens to be a distant cousin of Loretta so they move into his house and play family…again.

Zook loves to play video games and it turns out he’s good friends with Mooner, someone who has come in and out of Stephanie’s life since high school and is usually high on something. Men randomly are showing up in Morelli’s basement and things get rough when one turns up dead in his basement. Loretta goes missing & suddenly Stephanie is now on a hunt for Loretta while Morelli is trying to figure out if there is $9 million in his basement.

In true Stephanie Plum fashion the book didn’t disappoint. This was one of the more mindless Stephanie Plum books and was a very quick read to get through. One thing I did like throughout this book is the twist at the end and who the “silent partner” wound up being. Normally through the kidnappings and various incidents that take place readers are able to help solve the crimes along with Stephanie. This one was different and honestly was a surprise to me!

I LOVED that Mooner helped come to the rescue on more than one occasion without the book… he also has made me want to invest in some PVC pipe and a few sacks of potatoes… for safety.

My favorite part of the book was another one of Grandma’s plots with her friends as they tried to dig up Aunt Rose at the cemetery. It was a small but pretty funny part of the book.

“You should snap me up,” Morelli said. “Not many men would marry you after meeting your grandmother. You’re lucky to have me.”

Last but not least, Lula and Tank. They are my favorite couple outside of Morelli and Stephanie. I loved the proposal and Lula’s wedding planning… I expect nothing less of Lula!

All in all I gave Fearless Fourteen four stars. It was creative and funny, definitely a unique twist on some of the other books. Time for a little bit of Halloween fun with Plum Spooky!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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