Flavored Water Friday

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Naturally Flavored Water Made With FruitI am a lucky mommy and my little man (heavily assisted by my wonderful husband) bought me a Infusion Water Bottle for Mother’s Day. I’ve made flavored water here and there in the past but usually die out after one big pitcher of it because I get lazy and don’t go buy more fruits after the first pitcher is empty. With the infused water bottle I can refill my fruit throughout the day (or once a day) and be all set.

I’ve been going through Pinterest to find new ideas for flavors and thought I would share some of my favorites I’ve found.

For all of these I’ve tried this week, I’ve been making single servings with these but by adding more of each fruit you can easily make a whole pitcher of water.

Simple Citrus
This actually wasn’t a pinterest find, it was more a combination of me wanting to try out my new water bottle and using what I had in my house.

– 1 Lemon Slice
– 1 Lime Slice
– 3/4 of a Cutie

Berry Mango
I found this one on Pinterest this week and it was listed as a “fat buster”. To be honest, I didn’t really care about that aspect, it just sounded like a good combination. It tasted good and I’m all about an extra bonus of a little fat busting, although I doubt I drank enough to take care of that!

– 1 slice of mango
– 2 strawberries
– 4 blueberries
– 4 raspberries

Strawberry Lime
This was actually supposed to be raspberry lime but I wasn’t thinking straight in the morning when I put it together. I think I overdid it on lime in this one (I was most excited to try this one). It was really good but very powerful in lime flavor. I think I’m going to try this one again with half a slice of lime and more strawberries. I still need to give raspberry lime a try!

– 2 slices of lime
– 2 strawberries cut up

Mixed Berry
This wound up being one of my favorites. The nice thing about berries is that they aren’t overpowering in flavor. They added a nice subtle hint of flavor to the water but not enough that I felt like I was drinking juice.

– 3 or 4 blueberries
– 3 or 4 raspberries
– 2 strawberries

What are your favorite flavored water combinations? I’m on the lookout for new ones!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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