Friday Favorites & New Running Shoes

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friday-favoritesDoes anyone else feel like September has completely disappeared? After a few days of travel, a lot of catching up & a lot of time soaking up the last few days of summer I am shocked that September is already half over. Where did it go?

It has been pretty busy around here but I had an exciting week of new shoes & a few Friday favorites to share.

There was a great post over on Two Martinis about climbing slides. As I read it, the whole thing seemed so minor until we were hanging at the playground this last weekend. It was just little man and I and he asked to climb up the slide, so we did. Usually it drives me nuts when kids do that and hurt each other but it is such a little thing. He was so proud even though I pretty much carried him up. We did discuss not doing it when other kids are around & sticking to the smaller slide for now.

I ordered my new pair of running shoes this week and was so excited to break them in this morning. Of course last night, I pulled off rolling my ankle on a dog toy so I think they’re going to have to wait another few days. There is no shoe I trust Adrenaline GTS from Brooks Running. Their color options were a little limited but I am guessing it is because they are getting ready for the 2016 inventory. For now I will love my new blue & purple shoes. It always feels like running on clouds when you get a new pair!

Speaking of running, did you catch the interview on Runner’s Connect with Hungry Runner Girl? Her blog is at the top of my favorites list and it was a great interview. If you are at all interested in running I highly suggest checking it out!

It’s that time of the year again to order a new planner. I’m looking at a ton of different options but right now Erin Condren Planners is sticking out. Have you used them before? What were your thoughts on them? 

What planner do you use? Are you obsessed with it?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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    1. They are awesome! They actually wound up being a little more pink than purple but I love them!! I highly recommend Brooks!

    1. It really was fun! Something I had never even considered before, anytime we have the park to ourselves now it is a game.

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