Friendship 5k Race – Wednesday Night Running

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I really didn’t understand the whole purpose of a Wednesday evening 5k race, but after talking to a few people I decided to go for it and have some fun. The race was called the Friendship 5k, can you really go wrong with that? I had nothing else going on and I wanted to get a July 5k in so it sounded like a fun idea!

Luckily we had a “polar vortex” (meteorology term?) this week and it suddenly was 68 degrees and the perfect Fall July day. After my last race, I was SUPER nervous about being hydrated enough so I drank a lot of water. By a lot I mean 170oz yesterday & I was over 120oz by the time I got to the race today. Luckily it was cool weather, a good course & lots of shade.

Friendship 5k RaceIt was a great race! At the start everyone took off pretty quick. I reminded myself to slow down and watch my pace but felt awesome around 8:15/mile so I decided to keep it going as long as I felt good.

Friendship 5k Splits

1 Mile: 8:17
2 Mile: 8:29
3 Mile: 8:11
0.12: 0:49

My official time was about 3 seconds slower than my watch time, honestly not too bad considering the last race I was almost 20 seconds off (common start time, I start when I cross the start line!)

Overall I finished fourth in my age group and I was pretty happy. Honestly I wanted to break 26 minutes and I did so I accomplished my goals. I did a little jogging before and a little after the race to make up for the extra five minutes needed for my 30 minute run for this week for the half training.

They served pizza after the race & I was a little too excited and ate inhaled mine in about 3.2 seconds. It was fantastic. Normally I’m not hungry after a race but I think it was different at 7pm!

How was your day?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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