Gilmore Girls Throwback Thursday & Netflix Revival

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Gilmore Girls

What was supposed to be a “throwback Thursday” post quickly turned into a post filled with excitement and me jumping for joy. Now that Fall TV shows are back in full swing, my Netflix watching has taken a back seat. One of my favorite shows to pop on Netflix from time to time will always be Gilmore Girls.

I’ve seen the whole series through 7 or 8 times, but each time I watch it I find something new that I missed before. Between Lorelei and Rory we see relationships come and go, a teenager growing up, her mother growing up & what life is like in the small town of Stars Hallow.

The Basics

Gilmore Girls tells the story of Rory (teenager) and Lorelei, a mother/daughter duo living in the small town of Stars Hallow. Lorelei was raised by Emily & Richard, in a family of wealth. After having Rory while she was still in high school Lorelei decided she needed to move out on her own and began working at an Inn a few towns away.

As Rory grows up in Stars Hallow she is raised with a book always in her hand and a town of friends who helped raise her. Emily & Richard come back into their lives when Rory gets into the local private school that will help provide her with the education she needs to get into her dream school, Harvard. In order to help fund the private school, Rory & Lorelei begin Friday night dinners with Emily & Richard in an attempt to rekindle their relationship.

For 7 seasons we see Lorelei try and figure out her love life, chase her dreams & raise a daughter while Rory navigates the ins and outs of being a teenager, dating boys, finding your dream school and breaking the rules.

My Favorite People

Each episode of Gilmore Girls I found myself saying “___ is my new favorite” or “I really wish Rory was still with ____.” As usual my thoughts and opinions changed throughout the series. I do have a few favorites and some unexpected characters that I miss outside of just Loreli and Rory.

  1. Luke. Hands down, my favorite character of the entire series. Luke was always the quiet one, he always put up a front but at the end of the day he cared more for Rory and Lorelei than anyone else in this series.
  2. Jess. Like Luke, he was the quiet one. He didn’t make it through all seven seasons and we last saw him trying to find his way in New York. There were many episodes when I was mad at Logan that I hoped Jess would just come back to sweep Rory off her feet. Despite the trouble he caused, I feel like he was a good boy at heart.
  3. Miss Patty. How could you not love Miss Patty? Her laugh, her jokes, her husbands, her stories… she is so funny.
  4. Mrs. Kim. Throughout the series Mrs. Kim is always in the background bossing Lane around. At the end of the day I feel like she played a much bigger role than anyone expected. Plus, she was hilarious when she bargained with anyone!

My Favorite Moments

I once read that the script for Gilmore Girls was twice as long as a normal script because of how fast the dialog ran. It should be no surprise that there are so many wonderful moments of this series. Moments filled with laughter, tears, and parts where all you want to do is hug our favorite Gilmore Girls.

Even though he didn’t win her over in the end, my favorite scene is the 1,000 yellow daises. Romance is always played up on TV shows but Max won the day with this one. I preferred Lorelei to end up with Luke but Max won over every girls heart in this episode.

Rory and Lorelei running through Chilton. They had been through so much together, watching them run through the halls of the school that they both attended as teenagers was a testament to all Lorelei had done over the years.

The beginning & end. Pretty much the entire series revolves around coffee in Luke’s Diner. There was no better way to start & end the show.

Why Is This Relevant?

After pulling together all of the reasons I love Gilmore Girls, I was shocked to see this week that a rumored Gilmore Girls Netflix 4 episode revival is in the works! The show ended on a high note and left us content with our characters, yet at the same time there was a lot of room left to continue the series if someone wanted to. I really do hope this is true and I want to know where all of my favorite characters are today.

My Top Five Questions With The 4 Episode Series

  1. Who did Rory end up with?
    After the incident with Logan she decided to enjoy the journalist/single life for awhile. Is she still single? Will Jess show back up? I cannot wait to find out who comes next!
  2. What is Christopher up to?
    After Rory’s college graduation, Christopher seemed to be getting his life together again. We saw it a few times throughout the series though so my big question is, does he still have it all together?
  3. What is going on with Jess?
    Did he come back for Rory? Did he ever come back to visit Luke?
  4. How are Lane’s Twins?
    If we go strictly by numbers they would be around 9 years old now. Are they tearing up Stars Hallow? Is Kirk their babysitter?
  5. Most importantly… how are Luke and Lorelei?
    For seven, yes SEVEN seasons we wait for them to finally admit that they are in love with each other. Do they have a happy little house now? Are they married?

I am so excited to see that there is a chance to get answers to our burning Gilmore Girls questions. For now I’m going to go re-watch the whole series on Netflix.

Who is your favorite Gilmore Girls character? Favorite scene?
Are you excited about the possible revival or do you want things left as is? What questions do you have that NEED to be answered?


Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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