Go Bears

Go BEARS! YAY! The boys won! And they are starting to learn how to be NICE to the cheerleaders. Now we feel a little more respected! Sort of, maybe not.

Anyway, it was sooo much fun. I have a little record thing with another cheerleader of how many boys we can say “good game” to and actually get a “thank you” tonight I got 16 thank yous and one “I didn’t get a cookie”. It was kinda funny. I was going crazy.

It’s nice when the 7th graders win a game cause it’s a ton of fun to make fun of them. Yet when they loose, their tempers start to show, just a little. hehe. Anyway, tonight was sooo much fun. With the boys being nice to us and us making fun of them, it was awesome. Anyway, I gotta get going. Peace out!


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