Healthy Train Week One – Stress Eating!

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Stress Weighing myself I weigh three pounds less… in reality I know if I did lose any weight it wasn’t because I did a good job of dieting and working out this week… but this week was abnormal.

My schedule was a little different than normal this week which resulted in my sleep schedule getting off… which result in my eating and work out schedule. (as peaceful as a 3am walk sounds… no thanks)

Needless to say that has brought me to realize that when I get into a situation that is out of the norm or I’m nervous about something, I start to stress eat. Honestly, life has been crazy the last few months for a variety of reasons… 95% of them good, but there is part of it that has kept me up a few nights.

So how does everyone else deal with stress eating?

I used to drink slimfast to cure the chocolate craving, but I’ve noticed ever since they switched to the 1.2.3. plan, it hasn’t been as good.

So what to do? I’m not sure at the moment… I’m hoping week two will go better. Being back on a somewhat normal schedule will allow me to get my workouts in, eat regularly, and not sit and eat all day.

I still have to ask, how do you handle stress eating? Any tips?

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Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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