Hello From Florida!

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Hello from Florida!

I just got back from sitting by the pool! YAY!

Sorry I didn’t write more last night. I wound up going for two walks. One with my mom & grandma. Then my mom and I went back out with my mom and we walked around different stores. I’m just sitting around right now.

Nothing is going on right now.

I got a new pair of sunglasses last night.

I talked to my friend Ashley online and stuff.

I’m having problems with uploading, it takes forever. Also, my email is being messed up so if you need to email me, email me at kristypage@aol.com for just this week only. Also I can chat on that screen name. It’s rare that I will be on at night. That’s when we get most of our phone calls. Well, not today, I don’t know how much I’ll be on today, just because we might get phone calls whenever.

We go to the beach @ about one o’clock. I’m just hanging out. I think I’ve said that like 10 times already. lol. I’ve finished one book already and I’m half way through another.

Did anyone see the show on ABC last night, “The Making of a BoyBand”? Lou Pearlman did it. ug, what an idiot. I hate Lou, I hate Lou! LoL! Ashley Parker Angel was HOTT! WOW! He better make it! LoL! He was, only I guess in the next episode he cheats on his girlfriend and stuff. ug. Anyway!

Does anyone watch ER? I am one of the biggest ER fans in the world. I never miss an episode! Thursday nights was soooo sad. The women whose baby was killed and Carters return. Man. I thought it was funny when Dr. Dave was eating the captin crunch, and carol is like “Gosh Molucchi” (sp?) Anyway. LoL

The boats here are cool. There is a bridge that goes up all the time, its cool seeing all different boats. The water is really pretty too!

Ok, so I’m loosing my mind! I’ll shut up now. Peace Out!

7:53 PM

Ok, I’m back to ramble on some more! LoL. Lets see.

Tonight we went out to dinner at 4:30 and had dinner at this place called Sweet Tomato. Wow, they have awesome food there! Then we came home and hung out a little bit. Then my mom and I went for a walk. I love going out at night for walks. Ok, there is a dish of candy next to me and I can’t stop eating it! LoL!

You know, I just figured out what two words I use the most, Anyway and LOL (if you consider that a word, hehe) Whatever.

So whats up? Not much going on now, so PEACE!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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