Jumping on the Healthy Train

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Healthy TrainIf you are a photographer and haven’t heard of Bobbi and Mike, then you’re missing out. A few weeks ago Bobbi announced the “Healthy Train is Back“. I was hesitant (thus missed the deadline) but have decided to jump on board. I’m setting myself two dates.

The first date is July 1st. This is going to be the toughest one to hit… 11 pounds… The second is the October 1st… 5 more pounds… I know that last five pounds is going to be rough so i figured two months was a good time to try and hit as much as I could.

Starting weight: 161, weighed in at the time the picture was taken. (P.S. I HATE THAT PICTURE!) Either way, it is good motivation!

Last year I did the slim fast diet using Slimfast optima. It was great… shake in the morning shake in the afternoon, lean cuisine in between and i was good. Unfortunately I can’t find that type of Slimfast anymore and the 1.2.3. just isn’t working for me so I decided I need better motivation. I saw Bobbi’s blog and contemplated it and decided to keep up with “The Healthy Train” (even though I can’t do the contest) and use it for some motivation.

My Goals:

Working Out: Walking, Minimum three times a week for three miles. Rollerblading on weekends if I can get out.

Eating: Healthy Healthy Healthy!!!!!! No more greasy food, less eating out, less pop, and maybe (big maybe) less coffee

Blogging: I’m going to keep up with the weigh in days with the Healthy train group, so I’m going to try and blog when they have their weigh ins…

So here we go… hop on board 🙂

edit: added in new picture 🙂

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. how about you email these photos to healtytrainbobbi at gmail.com 😉 Proud of you. 😀 😀 😀

  2. Hey good luck! I think you look great the way you are. I want to lose some weight before my wedding so we should seriously take the dogs out when you get home. I looked like a white blob when I tried on my wedding dress last. Yuck! My vice I need to give up which I sure would make all the difference is the beer. Beer is like fat in a can but it’s so tasty! If I could give that up during the week then I’d be good! So hard to lose weight because I’m a foody but I wanna be a hot bride! Let us walk with puppies this week

  3. Bobbi –
    I sent you the pictures last night, hope you got them!

    We definitely need to take them out! How about tomorrow night? I can’t wait to see you and your wedding dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sure it looks wonderful!

  4. So, I started a major diet last week and am trying to loose 15 pounds by May 23 (yeah, it’s going to be tough, but after the wedding I let myself go) I think it would be great to talk to each other every week and see where we are at and keep each other motivated!! So far I’ve lost 3 pounds:) Anyway, I can’t wait to see you this weekend and we can eat healthy together!!!

  5. Sounds like a plan! Take before and after pictures!!! I’m hoping it will be my motivation lol…

    I can’t wait to see you!!!!!

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