The Slackers Guide To Last Minute Gifts That Don’t Suck

You guys, it is Christmas Eve. In years past we tend to get ahead of the game and knock things out the week after Thanksgiving. This year it just hasn’t been first on my list of things to do in the evening. Thank goodness for Amazon prime, even though the two day shipping has been a joke the last few weeks. We would’ve be in trouble without it. Luckily we were able to knock everything out on our Christmas list that was left this past week. Our presents are (almost) all wrapped and I can officially say we are ready to go for Christmas.

Last Minute Gifts That Don't Suck

I’ll admit it, I’ve often been a last minute gift shopper. Some years I’m ahead of the game and other years it is a Christmas miracle anything gets done. Are you in need of some last minute gifts that don’t suck? I’ve got you covered. Here are a few gifts that I sure wouldn’t mind getting, even if they were pulled together at the last minute.

Last Minute Gifts That Don’t Suck


No doubt one of my favorite gifts to give/get are tickets. I love the idea of doing something with a person instead of buying something just for the sake of buying it. Go see a play, drop in on a basketball game, get front row for their favorite band… you get the idea. The best part about tickets are that you can buy them online (for the most part) even the day of Christmas.

Sign Them Up

Subscription boxes are HUGE this year. I have a number of friends obsessed with their monthly Ipsy boxes if you’re looking for the makeup lover in your life. Me, I’m not so big on cosmetics but I would never turned down a Fab Fit Fun box. From snack boxes to razor clubs there is probably a subscription box out there for every person in your life.

Make Sure They’re Dressed

Do you need to buy clothes for someone but aren’t quite sure what to get? You now have the PERFECT excuse for a gift card to an online service. Stitch Fix will pull together a few outfits based on their style profile. Fabletics lets you choose your own workout clothes. Both are available for men AND women so you have no excuse to hold off on that gift card.

Gift Cards

Gift cards tend to be known as a gift that isn’t very personable. In all honestly, that doesn’t mean you can’t surprise them with something good. Is a plain $50 visa gift card personable? No. Would a teenager go nuts for it? YES! If it were me, for instance, I never shy away from an Amazon gift card or an iTunes gift card. To someone who REALLY wants to win my heart Starbucks is always a win.

What are some of your favorite last minute gifts that don’t suck?

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