Lunch Run!

20140424-124342-e1398367607263Last night I realized this week is getting away from me, my evening plans are busy & my free time is very much not my own! I decided to give the “lunch run” a try today and see what happened…. and if I smell for the rest of the afternoon.

I snuck in a quick 2.28 mile lunch run. While I considered that it was going to be in the high 50’s outside, I did not realize how incredibly windy it was going to be outside. It was very windy and there was no way my headphones were staying in. I decided to make it quick and hop back to work and change!

I was pretty happy to see 19:27 for 2.28 miles! I’m getting more consistent with an 8:35ish mile! We’ll see how things go in the next few weeks with a race coming up at the end of May!

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