Saturday Morning Run

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The nice weather came and went so back to the gym I went. I’ve been trying to come up with a better way to track my laps while running around the track. As I’ve mentioned before it is 15 laps around my gym track to one mile. Mentally convincing yourself to run 45 laps (3 miles) takes a lot. I tend to zone out when I run so I was looking for an easier way than my phone to track laps. Plus I found that sometimes I missed hitting the button.

In my “free time” I knit and I finally decided to break out some of my knitting tools to take with me to the gym. My Kacha Kacha Counter turned out to be the PERFECT way to count my laps. This is a pretty easy way to click as I run and doesn’t require me to carry anything heavier than a little piece of plastic.

Sportin: Under Armor Top & Jockey CaprisRockin Out To: Workout Playlist (I think it’s time to update it though!)

I decided to go for 3.1 miles or well 3.13 miles. I figured it out to be about 47 laps around the track. I was SHOCKED to see that my time was 29:44 (give or take a few seconds to pull out my phone and stop the timer, I really need to invest in a watch).

30 Day Challenges:

70 Situps
95 Crunches
42 Reverse Crunches
60 Second Plank (owie)
135 Squats

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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