Socks for March 2011

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One of my goals this year was to finish at least a pair of socks a month. February I finished a pair the first week (The Big and Little Cabled Socks), so I figured I should probably keep going for March!

I had been working on the Java socks from Knitty Winter 2011, but I was quickly starting to realize that there was no end in sight, no matter how much I knit… the socks never got any longer. While I’m still in love with the socks, they have been set aside for now.

I quickly picked up my socks out of Crazy Zauberball and started knitting. The first sock was finished last weekend, and I cast off the second sock earlier this week. The result, a new pair of socks!

The best part about this yarn is that there was absolutely no way these socks would ever match, but I didn’t care! I love the colors of them. They are top down socks with 68 stitches around and an afterthought heel. While they are warm, the yarn was also pretty thin, making them a good summer sock* as well.


Yarn: Crazy Zauberball
Needles: US Size 2
Pattern: My own

As for what’s on the needles next, well I may have cast on my next pair of plain socks the other night, and I plan on casting on the Wanida socks tonight for my mom… I also considered casting on the socks from this month’s Rockin’ Sock club. Both will probably be started this week… As for baby knitting? what baby knitting… oh yea, there’s a deadline on that… I should get started on that too…

What’s on your needles?

* Summer socks: wool socks that can be worn throughout the summer that aren’t too thick to overheat ones feet, but are warm enough to keep ones feet warm in the air conditioned environment of their workplace.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. I love the yarn, is it soft too?
    I love alpaca and merino and that sorts. I hate stuff with more tha 10/20 % of acryl or poliamid………
    Like u i love love knitting socks but am just a beginner.
    Plz have a look in my blog, will update soon with my 2nd pair 🙂

    luv nina from Norway

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