Socks, Shawlettes and Booties!

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I’m a little behind on blogging, I’m hoping to make this a more regular thing now, talking about what’s on the needles and what’s not on the needles! Life got a little bit busy over the last few weeks!

With that being said, I’m going to get a lot crammed into this one blog entry! I’ve finished THREE projects in the last few weeks (complete shock to me, since I feel like I’ve had NO knitting time!) I’ve finished a pair of socks for mom, a shawlette as part of a summer knit along and a pair of booties, which aren’t as spectacular as the shawl and the socks 🙂

Jumping into things!

Mom’s Socks

Back in March my parents took a trip to Florida and my mom visited a local yarn store. She picked up two skeins of Three Irish Girls sock yarn, one for a pair of socks for her, and one for me :).

I chose the Gulf of Mexico colorway for her socks and did the Wandia Socks out of CookieA’s book Sock Innovation. The best part about CookieA is that you can not have a clue what will happen with a sock and all of the sudden it makes sense. It’s AWESOME!

These socks did take some time, but in the middle of getting engaged, starting to plan a wedding and running around like crazy during the week… I was a little side tracked. I did finish these in time for mom to have them for summer… or to put them away for next fall!

It’s a great pattern and if anyone is looking to step up their sock game, but not quite get into an “insane Cookie” pattern, I highly recommend this one!

I knit these on US Size 2 needles.

Summer Mystery Shawlette

I really can’t think of too many knit alongs that I have started and actually finished, outside of the Rockin’ Sock Club. (My knitting friends will beg to differ as to how much I actually keep up with those.) I randomly joined the Wendy Knit‘s Mystery Summer Shawlette Knit Along… It was random, but I found some very pretty J Knits yarn that has been in the stash for 3-4 years and cast on.

Last night I bound off the end of the shawlette, blocked it and tried it on tonight. I’m still in the “figuring out how I’m actually going to wear it” stage, because it’s not quite big enough to go around my shoulders all of the way, but will be nice for some summer nights. It was a great little knit, and made me realize that knitting lace isn’t too bad, when it’s done with sock yarn!

This was knit on a US size 5 needle.

Baby Booties

A friend of mine asked me to make a few pairs of baby booties for her for one of her friends who is expecting. Of course I said yes! The booties really are a good knit to relax and wind down with. I knit this pair this evening and love how they turned out.

They were done on US size 7 needles with Berroco Comfort Yarn.

My goal for this summer is to slowly get back into blogging here. Not that life is calming down, but I think if I can get onto a regular blog schedule it might help me keep track of life…Currently on the needles are a few more pairs of baby booties, a baby vest, possibly a baby sweater (2011 is the year of the Midwest reproducing) and a few pairs of socks. I’m hoping to finish a pair of socks soon, keeping up with my one pair of socks a month!

So, after my long break tell me… What’s on your needles?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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