Summer is Finally Here

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Summer NightsPhoto Copyright Me (KP Photography), Taken at Michigan City Lighthouse 2014

All great conversations start out with the weather, right? This summer has been a weird one. After another freezing cold winter we all promised that there would be no complaining about the summer heat this year. Well, that wasn’t too hard since we have barely seen the summer heat. A picnic on July 2nd resulted in everyone outside in hoodies as the high was only 55 degrees that day. Each week we seem to hit 80 degrees for about a day or two and then it is back down thanks to a few rounds of thunderstorms.

I remember last summer trying to fit in long runs on the weekends. They had to start at 7am if I wanted to get home before the temp hit 90. This summer, I’m lucky to be able to run outside as the rain seems to never stop.

We have finally seen the sun for the last few days and I think it is safe to say that we are getting at least a few days of summer. Maybe.

For at least a few days there is no rain on the radar and we are taking advantage of it! There are bubbles, lawn mowing (or snow blowing according to the little man), baseball games & never ending rounds of basketball. We are even working on the swimming thing.

It is safe to say we are willing to send our rain to those who haven’t had it in a few months. Every time we walk outside now little man tells me “mama, it’s not raining yet!” He is clearly sick of the rain & colder weather too.

So much of June and early July was spent inside waiting out the rainy days & cold weather. I’ll take the heat any day if it means that we can be outside. The humidity can go away, but it is better than the negative temperatures of February. Even if it is supposed to rain again this weekend, it is still sunny out for now. I’ll take it!

Are you tired of the never ending rain? What is your favorite outdoor activity?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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