Things People Aren’t Afraid To Say To Pregnant Women

One of the joys of being pregnant is that it means people have no filter when it comes to talking to you. Something about seeing a giant basketball sized stomach means that people are free to tell you anything that is on their mind. There are so many things people aren’t afraid to say to pregnant women,  it is amazing what people aren’t afraid to say.

When I was pregnant with Little Man, I let it all get to me. I was huge and everyone liked to point it out. There were days where I was offended by comments from strangers. Any skinny girl I saw made me jealous. A lot has changed since then and I was able to see people’s comments differently this time around. Instead of being offended, I decided to laugh about it then write down my favorite comments and pull together a blog post. While there are many things people aren’t afraid to say to pregnant women, here are a few of my favorites. 

5 Things People Aren't Afraid To Say To Pregnant Women

5 Things People Aren’t Afraid To Say To Pregnant Women

How are you going to survive with 2 boys?

The amount of times I heard this comment blew my mind. Not only were people “sorry for me” but people would tell me it can’t be done. We were completely happy with a boy or a girl and in no way did I feel sorry for myself that I didn’t have a girl this time. Everyone else seemed to take care of that for me! In terms of survival, so far we are doing okay. 

Aren’t you glad to only have a few weeks left? – 27 Weeks

One of my favorite conversations took place when I was 27 weeks pregnant. It was one of those moments where you had to just roll with the conversation because otherwise someone would end up offended. My immediate response to the question was “Yup, only 13 weeks to go.” This was not at all what the person on the other end of the conversation was expecting as she genuinely though I was close to my due date. Again, it was one of those situations where I could have been upset or just laughed about it later. Laughing seems to be the best option. 

Every time I think you can’t get bigger…

The best thing to remember when you are pregnant is that people have no filter. The second best thing to remember is that not everyone realizes they could be offending you. Laughing became my favorite source of getting past the “you’re huge” comments and I heard this one quite often. To be fair, I really was huge. In the end I had an 8lb 11oz baby a week and a half early. They had every right to call me huge. 

Are you packing twins in there? – 36 weeks

This conversation was actually pretty funny. I was right around 36 weeks pregnant and it took place at a gas station as I was buying a box of donuts for my coworkers. Maybe I deserved it since I was standing alone with a coffee and a dozen donuts. The conversation went as follows…

Man in front of me: Are you packing twins in there?
Me: Nope, just one.
Man in front of me: hmmmm… healthy, huh?

I honestly laughed about this one most of the day. At 36 weeks I had gained around 40 pounds and was feeling the basketball. Another instance of “no filter” from a random stranger.

Wow, so little and there is another one on the way – 3 Days Postpartum

We were on our way to the hospital lab for a follow up test and my emotions were out of control, of course. There was a man in a wheelchair. He looked at Baby B and said “Wow, so little and there is another one on the way!” And pointed to my stomach. Of course I realized that I still looked fairly pregnant and had to just roll with it again so I smiled and walked away. 

What were some of the funny things people said to you when you were pregnant?

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  1. I’m a mom of four boys. I was pregnant with my youngest, and was always asked, “you know what causes that, right?” Um, no, care to tell me? Haha.

  2. I think the most amusing comment I got my last pregnancy when I was 18 weeks along and this lady at the Goodwill told me not to cough b/c the baby was going to come out any minute. When she asked how much longer I had to go, and I said “22 more weeks” she said “Oh, wow! Well, that’s gonna be one big baby, are you sure there aren’t two in there?” 😛 I still laugh about the look on her face…

  3. LOL these are so true. I don’t have kids but I’ve heard so many unfiltered remarks made to friends of mine when they were pregnant. The one about getting bigger is just horrible. You’re pregnant! Of course you’re gonna gain weight.

  4. At the time is hurts or is annoying, glad you can look back and laugh somewhat over what people say.

  5. Oh honey- I’m there! I have a (newly) 3 year old, 17 mo old, and I’m 6 months pregnant. Just FYI- 2 and 3 were both birth control babies . My first 2 are girls so ppl constantly ask if we were “trying for a boy”. Not really- we were perfectly content with our girls”, “yes I know my boobs are the size of your head”, “oh I don’t look pregnant? Do I normally have a basketball under my shirt?” It definitely makes me much more careful about what I say to pregnant friends! Come link up:

  6. You are much nicer than I am, I would have punched that donut man and the wheelchair man in the face! What is it about seeing a pregnant woman that makes people lose all sense of decorum? At least you have a great attitude about it!
    Falon recently posted…DIY: Football Themed Mason JarsMy Profile

  7. The worst thing someone said when I was pregnant with my third boy? “Oh…I’m sorry.” Really? I’m not. Boy or girl, it doesn’t matter. Seriously people!

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