Third Trimester Thoughts & Favorites

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Today officially marks 29 weeks and we are at least a week into the third trimester. The first trimester was as slow as could be (it probably didn’t help that we told no one until almost 11 weeks) and the second trimester has completely disappeared on us. Our list of things to do is a mile long (is it ever not?) but I also love just watching this little guy kick all of the time. 

Between the Summer heat and new found humidity I’m starting to realize we still have a long ways to go. My thoughts tend to be all over the place so here is to 29 weeks and a whole lot of rambling. 

Third Trimester Thoughts & Favorites


Baby Is the size of an Acorn Squash. Apparently he’s about 15.2 inches and somewhere around 2.54lbs. While I’m not sure if his actual sizing I can tell you that he is a hyper little guy. 

Little Man Is excited for his new brother but still not quite grasping the concept. At 3-years-old I don’t blame him though. He’s incredibly proud of his baby brother but has no idea how much life is about to change. 

Mommy & Daddy Are trying to get as many of the projects done around the house as possible while trying to spend as much of our summer nights and weekends with Little Man. 

Mommy Is fighting with swelling and energy but trying to figure out the right balance…. or if there is such thing as balance?

Third Trimester Favorites (So Far)

Favorite Maternity Outfit is Grey Striped Button Tank Top (sold out) from PinkBlush Maternity with a pair of leggings. My backup outfit is a maxi skirt and anything light on top. 

Favorite Food would have to be smoothies or popsicles. Nothing beats a smoothie this time of the year but I’ve also been known to sneak a popsicle or three at night. They’ve been one of my favorites all along. 

Favorite Drink seems to be changing quite often. Coffee is out the window right now (hello reflux) but tea has been a great substitute. Root beer has been my special treat once or twice a week though! I’ll be completely honest though, I am excited for a big glass of wine in September. 

Favorite Baby Item Purchase is probably his nursery set. I haven’t bought a ton of new things for the little guy as I still need to sort through all of Little Man’s baby clothes to see what we need. I’m incredibly excited about our Dr. Seuss Nursery Set though!

Favorite Little Man Activity is no doubt our evening family outings to the park. Again, he has no real concept of how much his world is about to change so we are trying to get him as ready as possible but still do his favorite things. Although, mommy did realize the other day that going down a tube slide 28 weeks pregnant wasn’t the greatest of ideas. I’ll stick to the bench for this Summer. 

Favorite Part About Being Pregnant is the baby kicks. This little guy is incredibly hyper and his feet always seem to be poking out. I love that he’ll kick Little Man if he tries to lay on me too. They’re going to be an interesting team. 

Third Trimester Least Favorites (So Far)

Least Favorite Maternity Outfit is anything that requires jeans. I almost picked up a few more pair of jeans a couple of weeks ago but decided against it. Now I’m glad as the last thing in the world I want to look at is another pair of jeans in this heat. 

Least Favorite Food is still meat and eggs. I’ve found ways to work them in my daily eating habits (doctors orders!) but it takes some convincing at times to eat them. Please just let me eat fruit all day long. 

Least Favorite Drink is hands down the gross drink you have to drink for your glucose test. Definitely not my drink of choice to kick off the third trimester. Then again, I passed so we’ll go with it. 

Least Favorite Little Man Activity is our nightly potty adventures. We are so much further than we were a few weeks ago but he always seems to have something new up his sleeve. The stories I have for him someday will make us all laugh.

Least Favorite Part About Being Pregnant is fighting with all of the changes in how I feel. As someone who is incredibly active it has been a huge change to struggle walking a mile and deal with my feet swelling up as soon as I start to. I’ve had a frustrating few weeks and keep working to figure out how to feel better while still resting when I need to!

11 Weeks to go…. oh my goodness we need to get working on the nursery. 

What was your favorite part of the third trimester? 
Least favorite? 

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. Congratulations on adding a new bundle of joy to your family. My sister in law is due in October with her first baby and we were talking, the other day, about how incredible it is that the human body can grow another human body. It’s miraculous.

    My on;y child is 13, so it’s been a while since I was pregnant but I remember all those little baby movements and how incredible they were. I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes really smooth!

    1. So exciting for your sister-in-law! It really is incredible how it all works out!

  2. I gave birth to my second daughter 5 weeks ago and my kids are also 3 years apart. My least favorite thing about 3rd trimester is that I had to experience sciatic pain in my right leg, I could hardly walk. I went to chiropractor and he actually helped me. At 40 weeks I felt much better than in 35. And also my baby was lying sideways until I think week 35, so I was kind of concerned if she was gonna turn into the optimal position. She did turn, but was slightly posterior, so I ended up having a back labor the second time around:))
    Enjoy your 3rd trimester!
    Iryna recently posted…Crostini With Whipped Cream Cheese And Kalamata Olive TapenadeMy Profile

    1. I’m glad it worked out for you! I am hoping that 3 years is going to be a good distance in age, Little Man has no idea what is coming! Congrats on your new little girl!

    1. I love being able to write it all down, hopefully I’ll remember to come back and look 🙂

  3. Those baby kicks and flips were definitely my favorite. Meat lost all appeal to me too when I was pregnant.

    1. I love the baby kicks, now that he is fairly active I love our little communication with touching where he’s kicking.

  4. My favorite part of the last trimester was that I was able to spend most of the time relaxing at home. The least favorite was those cramps at the middle of the night.

    1. I hate the middle of the night cramps! If only there was a way around those.

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