Three To Get Deadly – Stephanie Plum Book 3

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Three to Get DeadlyHave I mentioned that I’m completely hooked on the Stephanie Plum series yet? As soon as I finished the second book, I was debating on whether to wait for Three to Get Deadly to be available at the library or to suck it up and buy it on Amazon. Needless to say, Amazon won out.

Continuing where she left off Stephanie Plum is now after Uncle Mo of the local candy shop. He missed his court date and Vinnie (Stephanie’s cousin) Is not thrilled about it. One problem, Uncle Mo is now MIA.

As Stephanie starts her search for Uncle Mo various local well known drug dealers are suddenly disappearing. It seems like a stretch but Stephanie starts to connect the dots and they’re pointing down the same path she is searching.

No one around “the burg” is happy to know that Stephanie is trying to track down Uncle Mo. He is loved by many and they are doing what they can to protect him from his court appearance.

Instead of Grandma Muzar as her sidekick in this book, Stephanie relies on her new friend Lula. Lula is a former hooker who now works in filing for Stephanie’s cousin Vinnie. She is now wanting to train as a bounty hunter. As part of her “research” she also tries to befriend Stephanie’s mentor, Ranger. Lula adds a hilarious underlying storyline to the book and has very quickly become one of my favorite characters. The situations she gets them into are ones that can only happen to Stephanie Plum.

Throughout the book Stephanie continues to explore her “friendship” with Joe Morelli. The two have a history from grade school, high school & most recently a few other Failure to Appears. They step a little closer to more than a friendship but Janet Evanovich sets you up to want to continue the series right away.

Now I’m on hold at the library for book four. Fingers crossed it comes soon. Three to Get Deadly ended with a slight cliffhanger and I want to know what happens in Four to Score.

This book was my “Book You Can Read a in a Day” For the 2015 Pop Sugar Reading Challenge.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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