You, Me And A Palm Tree – Nashville Part Nine

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You Me and a Palm TreeAfter finishing Ready to Reach for the book tour, I decided to keep reading. Inglath Cooper had me kind of hooked on this series. One thing I did notice as the series went on is that they were between 90-150 pages so they were very quick reads. If you are looking for a great little series that you can read in a weekend (or two plane rides across the Atlantic ocean) I would recommend checking out the Nashville series!

Just as life was about to bring them everything they wanted, Cece & Holden are faced with another setback in You, Me and a Palm Tree.


“You think you know what matters in life. Chasing after a dream. Catching it. Holding onto it. Fighting for it, if necessary. Until everything comes to a jolting halt, and you get it. Finally, you get it when it becomes crystal clear that everything you thought mattered doesn’t matter at all, unless you have the one thing that really does.”

For Holden Ashford, this is CeCe, the love of his life. When she’s left reeling from an act of violence that abruptly points their lives in another direction, CeCe is no longer sure of the career she’s gone after heart and soul. Holden begins to wonder if she is sure of him as well.

Temptation has a way of finding us when we’re at our weakest point. And when country superstar Jacob Bartley sets his sights on CeCe, love will be put to its ultimate test.

My Thoughts

As Charlotte is now out of the picture, we learn about Cece’s devastating news. As someone who has been there before this book was an extremely hard one to read. It was a great read for anyone who has suffered a miscarriage and to see the other side of things. Cece’s kindness came out and it was good to see that she didn’t let her anger hold her back.

Seeing Cece’s mom happy was a nice way to make up for the problems early on in the book. We’ve waited many books for her and Case to be happy, so it was nice to see their story start to wrap up. I think it was exactly what Cece needed to start moving forward again with her own life.

I was not okay with another man stepping into Holden’s place. After 9 books, I really was looking forward to seeing Cece and Holden get their happily ever after. The book ended on a note that left us hanging, again, but also makes me look forward to part ten, whenever it comes out. Can Cece & Holden please have their happily ever after?

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Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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