Currently… in March

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Out of nowhere, the Midwest and Mother Nature teamed up to give us Winter. For the most part, we have rarely seen snow, let alone snow that sticks for longer than 3 seconds. Little Man has been impatiently waiting for the chance to make a snowman, he finally got his wish as Mother Nature dumped a few inches on us yesterday.

Still no snow day for the kids though.

While we’re currently freezing over here, the rest of the last month has been pretty great. From a wonderful Paw Patrol birthday party to finally spending a day watching basketball these last few weeks have been crazy.

Currently In March

Currently In Love With…

Eating: My quinoa bowls have very quickly become a staple in my lunch bag. They are so filling and I never have leftovers.

Drinking: I’m trying to stick with at least 100oz of water a day, but I’ve also slowly been adding an extra cup of coffee in. Our local coffee shop has wonderful flavors each day and I get excited to try each one.

Wearing: There’s no doubt that Lululemon has officially stolen my heart when it comes to workout clothes and weekend wear. Their yoga pants will forever be the most comfortable pair of paints I own.

Currently Doing…

Organizing: One of these days I will be caught up on laundry. Haha, joke is on me right? With three boys, it seems to be never ending and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Reading: I’ve been terrible about picking up a book lately, but I have been enjoying coffee with some of my favorite bloggers each day.

Watching: March in our house means non-stop college basketball. The NIT kicks off today and the NCAA tournament this weekend. Luckily we can turn it on in the background as we get our evening chores done.

Planning For: SPRING! I am getting so anxious to be able to get back to the park with the boys. I miss our daily walks and fun times running around. Baby B will have so much fun this year.

Working Out: Each week I have been pushing myself more and more on the treadmill. I’m still working up my confidence for a longer run, but for now 5 miles once a week mixed in with 3 more runs feels pretty great.


Loving The Fact That: We had a day filled with basketball this weekend. It might seem a little crazy, but it is rare that we sit down and spend a whole day just the four of us. After watching a high school game (win) we came home to have the conference tournaments on the TV all afternoon while we worked around the house. It was a great family day and much needed by everyone!

Enjoying: Watching Baby B and Little Man become friends. Little Man constantly wants B to play with him and B is starting to respond more and more when he hears Little Man’s voice. He wants to do EVERYTHING his big brother does. When he starts crawling Little Man is in for it with sharing his toys.

Feeling: Anxious for nicer weather. I think it is safe to say we’ve all been cooped up this Winter a little too much. Getting out to play will be wonderful.

What are you up to currently? 
Do you get into college basketball in March?
Did you get snow this Winter? 

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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    1. I will never go back to cheaper Yoga pants! Love them! The monthly updates are a lot of fun to look back on over the years too!

  1. This sudden taste of winter has totally thrown me off! I’ve been hoping for snow and once I finally got over it, the snow finally hit. Your quinoa bowls look fantastic. 🙂

    1. It really has thrown me off too! I keep hoping it is done for good and just a little more snow hits.

  2. We got a second winter as well…but here in the south that just meant dipping back into the 50-60’s 😉 lol Love your monthly update!
    Ashley recently posted…You Have TimeMy Profile

  3. I used to be so into March Madness, back when I was in college. I still get a kick out of watching the games from time to time. Although it’s been a while since I’ve filled out a bracket!

    1. I think brackets are fun even if you don’t have a team in there. It’s so much fun to keep up with!

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