Memorial Day Weekend in Pictures (In Other Words, Lots of Pictures of Food)

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The Midwest is finally starting to see some consistent Spring/Summer weather and I couldn’t be more excited. With three days off for Memorial Day and not a TON of things planned, I was excited to relax a little bit and enjoy the outside all weekend long. From basketball & bubbles to finishing off four books from the Stephanie Plum series it was a great relaxing weekend with my boys.

Then again, lets be real, there was a whole lot of food getting consumed this weekend.

S'mores OreosFirst things first, has anyone else gotten their hands on a pack of S’mores oreos? They are limited edition but I would be completely okay with them being year round! I’m a sucker for s’mores and I was excited a coworker brought them back Friday afternoon for our little snack. Go buy them if you haven’t.

Toastadas & ChipsLittle man and I checked out his favorite taco place. He and daddy usually stop by during the week and bring home leftovers for me, it was our turn to check it out. Total win & we both enjoyed kicking off our weekend with tacos & chips.

Little Bit of Treadmill ActionKnowing full well that my weekend was full of food, I decided I should probably hit the treadmill Saturday morning for a little run. I didn’t really know our schedule for the weekend so I thought it would be a good idea to get a jump start on the runs I wanted to get in over the weekend. It was my first attempt at running on the treadmill while little man played with his toys in the room. It was a success overall!

Outside Relaxing & ReadingThe weather was perfect on Saturday afternoon, instead of the pile of cleaning that was waiting inside I decided to continue down the rabbit hole also known as The Stephanie Plum series. Don’t worry, there are TONS of reviews coming this week.

Hamburger Cake, Yes or No?Someone brought this hamburger cake to a cookout we were at this weekend. It spurred a debate between a few of my friends and I, good idea? bad idea? simply gross? I left before the cake was cut, but would you eat it?

CleaningWith a cloudy day Sunday I finally dragged my butt around to clean a bit, it felt pretty good to get some areas that were normally fairly disorganized cleaned up.

Chips & GuacChips and guac anyone? The picture doesn’t need a description.

memorial-day-weekend-1 I am still the mom that rocks the little man to sleep. There are days where I wouldn’t mind my hour of time back but most days (like today) I wouldn’t trade these snuggles in for the world. I had a little friend helping me out with this snuggle session. Fresh StrawberriesLittle Man and I picked up some fresh fruit at the grocery store this weekend. These strawberries were 2-3 inches and they taste AMAZING! I am so excited that fresh fruit is back in season!

CupcakesRed, White & Blue Cupcakes…. do I need more detail?

Memorial DayMost of all, thank you to all of the men and women who have sacrificed their lives for us. Yes, I joke about the amount of food consumed but you are the TRUE reason that we are celebrating Memorial Day. You are the ones who need to be honored. Thank you for all that you do/have done and thanks to those who have sacrificed their lives to give us the freedom we have today.

So what is your opinion, would you eat a hamburger cake?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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