Running Away From Sickness

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Mommy Went RunningLast night was an epic failure of a run.I was over frustrated with myself and just down right mad at how it all ended up. I am doing a race this weekend and decided I needed one more run this week and just a lighter one. Due to life as a mommy my last chance was tonight.

As I mentioned when I signed off last nights post, I had a toddler who wasn’t feeling good. It turns out I had a toddler with the stomach flu, one who very much still toddles and is not old enough to understand the full reality of a situation. We finally got to bed around 4am and I was able to sleep until 6ish and then back to bed from 6:30-7:30. Needless to say it was a long night.

Gloria Jeans Mudslide coffee and 5 bottles of water decided I had enough energy for a run tonight and that it would be a good thing. That and my husband is now possibly sick. I decided a “running away from sickness run” was needed.

After last night I thought it would be good to just take it easy, do a quick loop and call it a day. I want to save my energy for Saturday and well lets be honest, my chances of getting the stomach flu in the next 12 hours are pretty high. Get it done while I can right?

I ran 2.23 miles in 19:42. My first mile was a 9:02 mile and I think I dropped my time a bit after that. It’s funny, as soon as I get through my first mile I seem to be able to push myself a lot more. Last night I tried to push myself in my first mile and it backfired royally. Note to self, use your strength in miles 2 and 3 next time!

It was a mismatch night, Old Navy Mesh Capris (green) With an Old Navy Tank Top (Run Wild).

Happy flu season 3 months late!

P.S. I’ll probably forget to tag my posts with it, but FitBit is kicking off the #30DAYSTOSUMMERFIT, so you should check that out & well we all know I love my FitBit and how much it has helped me.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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