Saint Patrick’s Day Pinterest Roundup

Saint Patrick’s Day is officially a week away. Typically we don’t get into Saint Patrick’s Day over here. This year, I can’t help getting caught up in all of the fun Saint Patrick’s Day crafts and food showing up on Pinterest. Considering that my husband is part Irish and there are so many cute ideas out there, it’s hard to consider not celebrating this year. Last weekend while shopping my mom and I even found Baby B this onesie to rock for the holiday. Unfortunately they didn’t have anything cute in Little Man’s size.

Outside of the traditional Saint Patrick’s Day food, there have been some delicious looking recipes that have popped up this year. I might have to dig in and actually make something this year.

Saint Patrick's Day Pinterest Roundup

Saint Patrick’s Day Treats

I ran across these Guinness Cupcakes With Baileys Frosting a few weeks ago and it is safe to say I cannot stop thinking about them. Typically I’m not a fan of Guinness, but when chocolate or Baileys is involved… I’m sold. Not interested in the Baileys? Check out these Death By Chocolate Guinness Cupcakes. They also look AMAZING.

Moving on to some kid friendly ideas…

I love the idea of this Leprechaun Popcorn. We go through so much popcorn in our house on a regular basis this would be such a fun way to change it up. The St. Patrick’s Day Trail Mix would be a great grab and go snack for a kid’s lunch to celebrate the holiday.

Then again, it almost always comes back to cupcakes and these Rainbow Pot Of Gold Cupcakes are too cute. On a similar note, Green Velvet Cupcakes look like a fun way to change up a well loved recipe.

I don’t think I’ve ever met a kid who doesn’t like Rice Krispy Treats so add in the Lucky Charms marshmellows and you have a win in my book.

Saint Patrick’s Day Crafts

Crafts with kids are so much fun, but definitely don’t happen enough in our house. Little Man is just getting to the age where he will happily sit down and color for an hour or gets excited to paint. We might have to break out a craft or two in the next week.

These handprints look adorable and come with some other Saint Patrick’s Day craft ideas as well. Little Man would be so incredibly excited about these Marshmallow Shamrocks. He is all about trying new things and these would be a lot of fun even if they are a little bit messy.

Jumping back to the handprint theme, you can break out a whole bunch of colors and make some Handprint Rainbows with a pot of gold at the end.

When in doubt, just make some St. Patrick’s Day Slime. Not only is it fun for all ages, but what could go wrong?

How are you celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day? 


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  1. I have been trying to get together some recipes this week that I can do for St Patrick’s Day.. I can’t wait to try out all the green stuff.. I will have to let my son do the green slime for sure!!

    1. I always feel like after the December holidays it is hard to jump back in so fast for Valentine’s Day and Saint Patrick’s day! One of these days I’ll be prepared for them 🙂

  2. My daughter is 2.5 so this is the first year we will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Love some of these ideas! I’m hoping I can at least get her interested in a green-themed craft. The marshmallow shamrocks looks like fun (so does that yummy popcorn!). She also loves rainbows lately so we may go that direction. Thanks for the ideas!

    1. Ohhh that will be so much fun. I love the rainbow handprints because you can do them with kids of all ages.

  3. I’m not huge into St. Patrick’s Day either, but I get caught up in all the Pinterest stuff. 🙂 Both cupcake recipes sound amazing!

  4. Well…St. Patrick’s Day, knowing me, I’ll probably be in Macy’s taking some green out of my wallet. 🙂

  5. Lovely and very creative ideas! I’ll save this link (or print it!) for my niece’s use 🙂 I don’t like her using the computer though.. better learn how to do it in old school way 🙂

  6. I wish we have St. Patrick’s day here in our country. It sounds like a lot of delicious food is present.

  7. Guinness Cupcakes With Baileys Frosting and Leprechaun Popcorn?? I’m sold! Both fun and tasty = awesome 🙂

    Regarding crafts, I just learnt what Slime is… all thanks to Instagram. I’ve not seen it here though, maybe the kids here don’t know about Slime… yet!

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