Back In the Gym

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Wow the past two weeks have been hectic, I’ll tell ya whats been happening.

We had a dance, that was a ton of fun, I was crazy as usual.

Lots of games to cheer at. Cheerleaders have been having fun. We’ve all been getting along, pretty much. Not really but that’s ok.

We are SOOO incredibly behind on the yearbook. Go figure. we only have about 65 more pages to finish in oh two weeks. That’s how behind we are. (its a 72 page yearbook we’ve been working on since September) two words, uh oh.

Lets see, oh yeah the best thing of all, I’M BACK IN THE GYM! FINALLY! uh, long road to gold though. hehe.

Actually I’m not doing that bad. Beam could use a little work, I’m scared out of my mind to do a cartwheel on a high beam. Ever since I fell….

Last night, my coach, Tom, said something to me that I never ever would have thought he would say to anyone. First I was vaulting, my first vault in two months, It was pretty good, and he goes

“The Comeback of a Champ”

I didn’t think anything of it until we got to bars. When he said to me

“I’m soo happy you didn’t quit, this is going to be your season, I expect you to bring back lots of medals.”

My mouth was like hanging wide open, he has never ever said that before. That meant soo much to me.

Anyway, That’s all. I gotta get going. Peace Out.


Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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