The End of Summer Nights For The Year & Weekly Workouts

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Summer officially ended this week. Overall I felt like we missed out a lot on our favorite evening activity of our summer nights…walking. With the humidity and overall problems with the heat while pregnant I spent most evenings at home sleeping or sitting in the air conditioning. 

Summer Nights

The last three weeks we’ve spent as many of our last summer nights as we could outside. We’ve even snuck a few dinners on the porch which we missed out on a lot this summer. As I am attempting to get back into a shape (without being cleared to workout) evening walks have been the best way after a busy day.


Goals From Last Week

Overall last week wasn’t terrible for hitting goals. I only hit my steps one day but I came very close most other days. I only missed 100oz of water on one day and I completely missed it that day. 

  1. Walk 4 times – Check
  2. 10,000 Steps A Day, At least 5 Days. – Mmm not really. Does one count?
  3. Continue Start eating better – Check
  4. Drink 100oz of water a day – Almost Check!

Workouts From Last Week

Sunday: it was a day of cleaning and the step goal wasn’t met. Although for 1 whole hour every piece of laundry in our house was clean and put away. 
Steps: 7,309

Monday: I called up a friend and we headed to a playground with our toddlers. While I didn’t do a ton of running around we were on the move almost all day. We topped it off with a 1.79 mile walk with a beautiful sunset. 
Steps: 11,540

Tuesday: We were up and moving Tuesday morning. There was some road construction so our walking route was slightly modified… In the end we wound up walking 2.43 miles. 
Steps: 9,414

Wednesday: In the end this wound up being our “rest day” or at least I had planned it that way. There was some rain in the forecast so we decide just to hang around the house. 
Steps: 5,777

Thursday: A day of running around the house made for quite a workout. We actually never really left the house despite the fact that I wanted to sneak another walk in. It just didn’t happen. 
Steps: 8,305

Friday: After playing with cousins, Little Man was in serious need of a nap. Despite being 85 degrees and crazy humidity I loaded Baby B up in the Moby wrap and Little Man in the stroller and we hit our normal 2.19 mile walking route. 
Steps: 9,256

Saturday: All day I planned on getting out for a little bit. We bought a new stroller and Little Man and I really wanted to try it out. Of course the earliest we made it out of the house was 10 minutes after Sunset so we cut our walk short at 0.97 miles as it was getting dark. The sunset was pretty though! 
Steps: 5,474

Goals For Next Week

Next week I want to continue on what I started this week so my goals are the same but hoping for even better results!

  1. Walk 4 times
  2. 10,000 Steps A Day, At least 5 Days
  3. Continue eating better 
  4. Drink 100oz of water a day

Here’s to a new week!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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