Cheap Fall Fashion For Boys

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Long ago when we found out that Little Man was a boy, I thought for sure that the fun of shopping for clothes was out the window. As it turns out, shopping for boys is really fun. Not to mention, there is less of a chance that what they want to wear is inappropriate. Have you been through the girls section lately? Clothes is one of those instances where I’m happy to be a boy mom.

The downside to Fall fashion for boys is typically the cute clothes are expensive and chances are the boys will come home with at least one nice outfit ruined. Playgrounds are rough, jeans get holes and shirts wind up with stains. As I started to piece together different outfits for Little Man I wanted to come up with something cute but cheap.

Cheap Fall Fashion For Boys

Fall Fashion For Boys – Tops

I’ve been known to hit up the Jumping Beans section fairly regularly at Kohls. But when it comes to Fall fashion for boys I also want to make sure they have a few nicer shirts to wear. It never hurts to dress them a little nicer a few days a week. As kids they can pull off simple long sleeve shirts but there are also some adorable plaid shirts in style this year.

Fall Fashion For Boys – Pants & Shoes

As for pants, Little Man would prefer to either not wear any or wear “soft pants”. Typically we have a debate about wearing jeans because they’re not soft. This year I only bought one or two pair to get us through the dress up days. His opinion on Fall fashion for boys? PJs.

He typically goes through about one pair of sneakers a season so I like to have a dress pair and a sports pair on hand. This year we even added in baseball shoes. After looking through so many shoes online I could buy 15 pair and still find another pair of cute ones. The shoe Fall fashion for boys is simply adorable this year!

The reality of it all is that Little Man is also growing fast. Chances are we’ll get through Fall and maybe some of Winter before having to jump to the next size. I’m hoping that we can pull it out until Spring when he’ll need shorts anyways!

What about you? Do you typically try and stick with cheaper clothes for kids?
What is your favorite brand?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. We’ve been to Target this year for kids clothes! Love these, though! Very cute boys clothes.

  2. I loved this! My guy is a little guy — but this did give me some inspiration. We’re finally getting back to fall temps, so I NEED to get him warmer stuff.

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