Grandma’s Blanket

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Last year just before Christmas I was looking for a darning egg to learn how to darn socks. My mom called my uncle to see what he still had left of my grandma’s knitting stuff. On Christmas in 2009 my Uncle and Aunt brought a pile of Grandma’s knitting stuff which included some UFO’s. One of those UFO’s was a blanket that only had about a foot completed.

I dug a little bit and found that the yarn was Lion Brand Jiffy in the colorway Fishermen. The pattern was a diamond afghan pattern and the copyright on it was 1992. I’m not exactly sure when or who the blanket was started for, but I knew who I was going to finish it for.

There wasn’t nearly enough yarn, so I went online and found that Lion Brand still has the Fishermen colorway. So I ordered a few more skeins and set a goal of finishing the blanket before Thanksgiving.

The blanket has it’s imperfections… including spots where I wasn’t sure where my grandma left off. You can only tell if you look closely

Not to mention the dye lot changes. Again, you can only tell if it’s in the right light.

The blanket is completed and was wrapped and put under the Christmas tree just after Thanksgiving. This morning Santa gave the blanket to mom for Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. found this via th twitter hashtag [#knitting]. what a lovely afghan + lovely, special gift for your mama… cherish!

    merry christmas!

  2. I’m so glad you got it done Kristin, it’s gorgeous, can’t wait to hear how your mom reacted to it!

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