Thanksgiving Food Favorites

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There is no question that one of the best parts about Thanksgiving (after the family and friends) is Thanksgiving Food. With three different Thanksgiving feasts planned this week (one down, two to go) I’ve got my list of favorites and the list of dishes I don’t mind skipping over in favor of more pie.

Thanksgiving Food

Mashed Potatoes

If judgement wasn’t involved my entire plate would be loaded up with mashed potatoes and nothing else. There is nothing better than the smooth, no lumps (sorry Ross) mashed potatoes. Add a little bit of butter, a little bit of salt and there is a carb coma waiting for you.

Corn Bread

This isn’t necessarily an every day Thanksgiving food, but it is always a delicious treat. You can’t go wrong with cornbread and you especially can’t go wrong with cornbread casserole. I never turn up a chance to enjoy it.


Okay, now we are just getting a little bit weird. Let’s back track. Two of my Thanksgivings this week feature a little bit of a potluck feel. One was a full blown potluck and the other is “sort of” a potluck. With all the basics covered we decided to throw in a twist with pierogies. Let’s be honest you can’t go wrong with pierogies.


Yes, it is the most basic Thanksgiving food, but we can’t forget the turkey. Personally, I prefer the white meat part of the turkey but I know plenty of others who prefer to stick with the dark meat.

Apple Pie

The great Pumpkin vs. Apple debate will always be there but at the end of the day I am just not a huge pumpkin fan. I don’t mind a little bit and enjoy a sliver here and here but for the most part… Apple pie is my go to pie. Plus, it makes for great leftovers. Heat it up in the microwave, add a little vanilla ice cream… you really can’t go wrong!

Happy Thanksgiving!

What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?
Mashed Potatoes with or without lumps?

White meat? Dark meat? No meat?
Pumpkin or Apple?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. I love the pies. Sweet potato pie, preferably. I just ate a big meal and now I am stuffed. Don’t even want to think about anymore food. However, I’m about to sneak me a little bit more pie.

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