10 Random Thoughts on My Long Run

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Another Sunday Saturday, another long run. I’ve been home for the last two days with a sick little guy, so I pushed up my long run to this evening knowing that tomorrow would be busy getting back into the swing of things.

To be honest, I don’t think I’ve sat this much in the last six months. I was going a little stir crazy but I wouldn’t trade snuggles with my little man for anything.

Today’s run was 10 minute warmup, 40 minute run, 5 minute jog, 40 minute run. My longest run to date was two weeks ago and that was 1 hour and 15 minutes. Tonight’s came out to be 1 hour and 35 minutes. Hot damn I pulled it off and it felt AMAZING!

I know I have never run that far in my life and it feels so good knowing that it’s just the start of my longer runs. Since I’m sure you’re tired of hearing random details and thoughts about my run, I decided to share with you 10 of my random thoughts from my run tonight.

  1. Energy gels at the start and half way are a huge help. I’m not a huge fan of shots of energy outside of running, usually they upset my stomach (and to be honest I think they might be upsetting my stomach as I type this) but taking the Gu energy shot before & during the run really helped me not feel like I was running out of energy.
  2. I need a better foam roller and a way not to be ticklish while using it.
  3. I think buying stock in bags of ice and having the most amazing ice bath after the half is a fantastic idea. For the last 20 minutes of my run I actually contemplated finding a way to stop for ice on my way home. An ice bath still sounds amazing.
  4. The constant gas smell throughout my town is slightly disturbing. I’m thinking it has something to do with the farms around town, but it is still concerning none the less.
  5. The headphones up the sports bra actually works and doesn’t rub on a long run. I may have a different opinion tomorrow. So far, so good.
  6. The techno version of Boys Round Here is very odd. Country and techno are not something I would normally mix together.
  7. The perfect weather for running is 60 degrees and 0% humidity… It was 75 & 53% tonight but cloudy with a nice breeze.
  8. I really need better ways to stretch my hamstrings.
  9. That ice bath…
  10. Long runs give you way too much thinking time.

What do you think about on long runs?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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