Little Man’s 11 Month Wrap-Up

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The 11 month wrap-up is here… which also means my little man is officially a year old. I made it ALL day without crying and then while rocking him to sleep… I lost it.

I can’t believe how the year has flown by. There have been MANY sleepless nights (as recently as last week!) and we have all learned a lot from each other. Little man has taught me more patience than I could ever expect to need and we have had a wonderful year. I’ll share another post later on about our journey nursing, but something I never even thought about growing up or planning a family it turned into one of the best things I could have ever done!

Happy 1st Birthday to my sweet sweet little man!

“Words” Learned: “Do Do” (Thank You) “Da Do” (Love You). While he doesn’t always really know what he’s saying he does a good job repeating those! We’ve also been working on “oom oom” when he pushes his cars (vroom vroom).

Favorite “Word”: “AHHHHHH” 🙂

New Skills: We are now standing up to walk without having to pull our self up on anything. He also has figured out how to push his toy car over to the couch, climb on that and climb up on the couch… help me! Going up the stairs is awesome, down is not going so well yet!

New Foods: He is pretty much eating what we do, but I would say his new favorite food… CAKE! (Mommy’s boy RIGHT THERE!)

Favorite Toys: Anything he can pull out of a kitchen drawer… currently we are enjoying spatulas…

Favorite Foods: He loves chicken, pasta, gold fish…. This kid doesn’t turn much away!

Favorite Books: Animals (Baby Touch and Feel)

Holiday’s Celebrated: His first valentine’s day. We took his aunt a bouquet of flowers for it and he was too darn cute in his “Most Eligible Bachelor” shirt! We also celebrated his first birthday a few weeks ago with family and friends.

Number of Teeth: 5! Two on top, three on bottom. I am pretty sure the fourth bottom one is working its way in soon. Lots of drool and chewing going on!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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