A Little Joy In the Midst of Disaster

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joyIn the midst of all of the devastation in Haiti, it was nice this week to hear of an amazing story that has come out of the earthquake to a friend of mine, K. I had to share the story and encourage everyone to donate, even a little bit to help rebuild!

K’s daughter has been in the adoption process for two years for a little boy, R, from Haiti. They’ve been working with the Three Angels orphanage in Haiti and all of the paperwork was done, they’ve just been waiting for a number of months for it to be processed through the state. K’s daughter has made many trips down to visit R and they’ve grown close and they were ready to bring him home.

Last week the world watched as Haiti crumbled after an earthquake shattered their world. Among those affected were over 300,000 orphans throughout Haiti. R was one of them. K began to send email updates to us letting us know that he was okay. With all the talk of the adoption papers being lost for so many of the orphans, the 26 kids at Three Angels were incredibly lucky… they had backup copies.

Over the last week we’ve been getting email updates from K about the status of R. Monday morning we got an email telling us that K’s daughter had an email to pack her bags, he would be in the USA soon, she would need to meet him in Florida. Last night at 5:00 another email came in saying K’s daughter was on her way to Florida as she typed the email, R was going to meet her there. The flights were donated by privately owned planes to bring the kids home.

Walking into Bible study this morning it was exciting to hear the news that R was united with his mom by midnight last night, and all 26 of the orphans from Three Angels were united with their families!

Red Cross is taking donations to help Haiti rebuild, and so is the Three Angels orphanage. They will be rebuilding to help a whole new group of kids find homes. Not trying to jump and force anyone to donate, but if you have a little bit of extra cash laying around… it is providing some wonderful opportunities and joy in the midst of all of the disaster.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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