A Mismatched Pair

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I’ve been joking a lot lately that I’ve actually finished a pair of socks, they just don’t match. It’s about how my knitting has gone this summer. A lot of unfinished things.

I started out with the Slip Jig Socks from Blue Moon Fiber Arts Rockin Sock Club… I love these socks. They are such and easy knit and I want to keep going on them and finish them up soon. They are in the colorway “My Wild Irishgirlie” and are in the Socks that Rock medium weight. While the cuff is a little bit longer than I normally make my cuffs, it is working up a great pattern!

The only problem is, I declared September 1st the official start to holiday/baby/other people knitting.


That brings me to the second pair of socks. I started this at the beginning of the summer hoping to jump in on the Cookie A KAL with Round the Twist. Unfortunately the socks are way to small so I’ve later decided they are going to be a Christmas present. For now they are sitting to the side as I knock out the rest of the stuff I need to get done!

These socks are the Glynis Socks knit with the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Rockin’ Sock Club January yarn, which is the colorway “Firecracker”. I wasn’t a huge fan of either of the patterns that came with it and decided it was perfect to knit up Glynis in.

In the future with Cookie A patterns I need to make sure I get a better gauge that will fit me! These are nowhere close but they will be a perfect Christmas gift for someone else.

In terms of what else I’m knitting for Christmas/Baby, etc. I can’t really talk too much about it. Over the next few months I’ll slowly post about what’s finished and has been gifted / given and at that point the giftees will already know about it.

So for now… Knit On!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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