A Whirlwind of 48 Hours

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I got home from visiting my parents around 3 on Monday afternoon… and ever since then it has been a whirlwind of new adventures!

We headed out to ‘hr directors’ house and she informed us she didn’t know where ‘fireman’ was… After awhile she found out he was at the bar… so we went to go pick up him and another one of their friends… It was an interesting experience, it was the first time i went to this bar and well… lets just say… great set of first impressions took place there.

We walked in and she introduced me and roomie and told everyone to be nice to us… this guy is standing in the bathroom doorway with a cowboy hat and a cubs jersey on singing along to the music playing which happened to be “save a horse ride a cowboy”. ‘hr director’ points over to him and says ‘that’s fireman’… needless to say it was about 6pm and he had been celebrating labor day since 8am… About 45 minutes later he put two and two together who i was… it was funny…

So we hung out a bit and eventually i wound up with the cowboy hat… and he was telling stories and just having fun… I had so much fun just hanging out with him and everyone around. Around 11 ‘hr director’ was getting ready to head to bed and roomie and i weren’t sure if we should leave or not… ‘fireman’ wanted to go out some more so asked if we would come, ultimately we decided to go with them.

We went on a boat, there was about 10 of us including roomie, me, fireman, and the guy who i’m trying to get roomie with. We had so much fun just hanging out, joking around, making fun of roomie (who was drunk), etc. Fireman had taken the cowboy hat back and we went to pose for a picture and he gave me the cowboy hat to wear the rest of the night. 🙂

About midnight we went and dropped some people off at the dock and decided to get back on the boat and go out awhile longer… Around 12:30 (am), fireman decided to go swimming… so we all jumped in wearing some form of clothing or another. It was sooo much fun. We swam for about half hour and got out and fireman asked me if i would’ve done this normally. I said no, and he was sorta surprised but not all that surprised.

So we walked back up to the car around 1:15 and he stole the hat back 🙁 and said goodbye. He gave me directions out of there and we called it a night.. it took roomie and I an hour to get home (that’s the one downside) and then we passed out, cause i had work on Tuesday morning 🙂

I was in SUCH a good mood Tuesday, just excited cause he was fun if nothing else it was a new adventure. HR Director had given me his phone number earlier in the weekend so I was contemplating calling him. She told me Tuesday that he had yelled at her for bringing me out on Monday cause he knew he would make a bad first impression. So I asked hr director if he would think I was crazy if i called and she said no give him a call…

I was talking to ‘friends-only boy’ who apparently was asked permission before ‘hr director’ set me up… and he’s like “CALL HIM!!!!”. (Side note on friends-only boy… after this weekend I realized a lot and with his position at work, and my position at work, nothing could ever happen between us… He is also still in the teenaged mindset so it just wouldn’t work… 5 days of not talking to him finally made me realize it!) Then I was talking with ‘best friend’ and she told me I should definitely call him. As I was walking through Target explaining to her that I was nervous, because I really couldn’t tell based off of Monday what his thoughts were, etc… I got the following email:

He called asking for your number which I can’t find, but I told him you had his.
He’s hoping you’ll call

Sooooo after I got off the phone with ‘best friend’ I decided to give him a call… I called and he invited me to go with him to a wedding this weekend!!!!! He did not know all of the details and was hanging out on the boat so was going to call me later on with all the details… I was BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS EXCITED! I emailed ‘hr director’ back and just said ‘:-)’ and she wrote back and said ‘i take it you talked to him? i want details in the morning’.

He also filled me in on his incredibly large hang over in which he decided that he didn’t deserve to take pain killers because of the amount he drank and how stupid he was… So he slept till 4… lol…

I was kinda bummed out because I thought he was going to call again last night but he didn’t 🙁 so I figured he went into work (He works midnights) and shook it off…

Today I went into ‘hr directors’ office and she goes ‘so what are you doing Saturday night?’ and i said ‘he invited me to a wedding’. I thought she was going to fall off her chair. Apparently this is very uncharacteristic of him and he is introducing me to the whole fire dept. Luckily there’s a lot of them who i met on Monday and ‘hr director’ will be there. That will be nice. She said that when she talked to him he was hoping i’d call, was excited to meet someone ‘normal’ (he doesn’t know me yet huh!?) and really wanted to hang out… So I’m super excited.

Around 10 this morning my phone rang and it was him calling to apologize for not calling back last night and to give me details for Saturday. He said that the reason he didn’t call was because he couldn’t find the invite and didn’t want to seem irresponsible for calling and not having any info :). How cute is that?! HR Director told me not to get used to it…

So we’re not sure of EXACTLY what the plans are this weekend but I know I HAVE A DATE SATURDAY NIGHT!!!!!!! I went out tonight and bought dresses… JC Pennies had a huge sale and two of the three I bought were only 6.95!!!!! So I’ve narrowed it down to two…

Either way I guess it all seems to be going well… cross your fingers for me please!!!!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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