Ahhh Fresh Air – Outdoor Run

20140320-191203Indiana is not the same as Florida. I left sun, palm trees & beaches for 3 month old snow piles, cold & snow on the first day of spring (welcome home, right?). Out if stubbornness and a 49 degree evening I decided to skip the gym and run outside instead. It is my first run outside back home and the adrenaline kicked in big time!

I ran exactly 3 miles in 29:02! My pr time in high school was 28:10. How crazy would it be to catch that someday!

30 day challenges:
I may have taken a few extra rest days on vacation… Oops!

65 sit-ups
85 crunches
42 bicycle sit-ups (replaced leg lifts)
55 second plank

130 squats

Who is ready for march madness? Ahhh so excited!

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