Five Types of Annoying Facebook Mommy Friends

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In honor of Facebook’s 10th birthday let’s take a look at some of the “mommy” posts that we’re all tired of seeing… Let’s be honest, there are plenty of posts that you see on Facebook that at the end of the day you wonder who in the right mind would post that. It is safe to say I have a lot of annoying Facebook mommy friends… who I love dearly. 

This past year I went through and decided that anyone who complains about life once a day for more than two days in a row, people who flood your timeline with annoying posts and people who qualify as an annoying Facebook mommy friends get hidden from my timeline. I don’t have a lot of time in the day to read every single post and I was getting to the point where Facebook just frustrated me more than anything. I have a number of family members & friends who solely communicate through Facebook so disappearing didn’t seem to be an option.

So, Happy Birthday Facebook… here are my top 5 annoying Facebook mommy friends.


I think this tops my list in people I want to defriend (but can’t because they’ll get very offended) on Facebook (hide all updates to the rescue!) It is of course, that one friend whose kid didn’t learn the last three times not to jump off the top bunk of their bed. They spent quite a bit of time in the ER and what ER trip would be complete without a selfie of them with an injured kid and of course a picture of the injury. Not only do injury pictures make me queasy, I don’t need a selfie of you and your kid with the description “In the ER Again….” We understand that you keep them in business.


I never thought I would see the day that people posted their child’s “bathroom accomplishments” on Facebook. This morning a good friend texted me to inform me that someone posted such photo… Really? Have we sunk this low? Please Facebook doesn’t need to know about bowel movements, let alone see photos of them.

Marriage Arguments

We all have our bad days & sometimes we let Facebook know about it. Unfortunately a large number of people forget that Facebook is public. Having a fight on your significant others timeline wastes not only your time but your friends as well. Do we really want to read about the fact that they didn’t take the garbage out so now you hate them forever? No. Please walk into the kitchen and inform them of this problem.

“Little Shit”

We all have bad days with our kids. They torment us, cry for no reason, decide they just don’t believe in sleep… But they are kids what do you expect!? Predictability is not their strong point. Along the lines of other types of posts, this is one where I really think people forget that Facebook is public. No matter which way you spin it, your opinion is out there. With that being said referring to your child as a “little shit” on a consistent basis does not go over well with the general public. Would you call them that loudly in a grocery store? Didn’t think so, Facebook doesn’t need to hear it.

Overly Generic Cry For Help

This isn’t technically mommy but it still can be classified as annoying. We all have that one friend who posts 3-4 times a week “omg I’m so annoyed” where they leave their status open for question and assumptions. We get it, you want attention and this draws people in… Unfortunately the rest of your friends don’t want to see the 30+ comments that happen when you vaguely explain who you are mad at. Facebook decides that because other people comment this is relevant and everyone you are friends with really needs to see this message. Nope, our life is just fine without it.

What types of annoying Facebook mommy friends do you have? 

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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