The Biggest Loser Finale & The Bachelor Hometowns – TV Thursday

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It amazes me that we are already getting close to finale’s for shows this year! Downton Abbey wraps up in one more episode, The Biggest Loser ended this week and the Bachelor is already at hometown dates. I’m not sure how I feel about shows ending already.

This week has been another big one but I’m going to focus on the “reality” side of things this week since so much happened in them!

The Biggest Loser Finale

The Biggest Loser 2016
(Image From Parade Magazine)

I’ve been a fan of The Biggest Loser since sometime around season 8. At one point I went back and watched all of the older seasons. I have yet to miss a season but I always find myself saying “this is the last season I’m going to watch” as it goes on. I absolutely love the concept of the show and that they help transform lives, but I always worry about those who are in it for the game play. 

There have been exceptions and a number of former contestants still look AMAZING. Unfortunately there are also a number of former contestants who have quickly fallen back into their old habits. For some reason the winner’s of this show, I just don’t trust that they are in it for the long haul. More on that later though. 

First things first… Erin & Sarah… WOW!!!! These two had INCREDIBLE transformations and I was so bummed not to see one of them winning the at home prize. Had either of them won it though they would have had to be at an unhealthy weight for them so I would rather them look healthy than take it too far just to win. 

Roberto (Grand Prize Winner) and Luis (At Home Winner) did look fantastic. I haven’t been a huge fan of them for awhile but I will say Roberto’s speeches on the scale and about his kids are one of the reasons that many people watch the show. Neither of them looked like they hit an unhealthy weight and both looked like they were at a weight that could be maintained.

As I’ve watched this season play out though I’ve felt like Roberto and Luis were very much the game players of this season. That worries me about contestants who are in it for the game, not to maintain the healthy lifestyle. I would love to see them continue to succeed and I hope they do. 

Overall everyone’s transformations were incredible and another finale has come to an end. I haven’t heard if there will be another season but we’ll see!

The Bachelor

Ben Higgins - The Bachelor
Image From ABC

Another few weeks of the Bachelor have come and gone and I am still rooting for Lauren B to win! After taking the girls to his hometown, Ben is now headed onto hometown dates with Amanda, Caila, Jojo and Lauren B. 

Amanda: I feel like this was the most important of the hometown dates that Ben had and really was a make or break one. Amanda has two daughters and if Ben were to propose to Amanda it would mean bringing two little girls into his life as well as Amanda. While the day looked like a lot of fun, it was also a good dose of reality that it isn’t all perfect with kids. I was not shocked that Amanda was eliminated after this week. With that being said, I’ll lead the way campaigning for her to be the next Bachelorette! I love her!

Caila: Am I the only one who just doesn’t see it? She seems way more into Ben than he does to her. I don’t think she will make it into the final two but I could be wrong. There just seems to be a disconnect there.

Lauren B: Even though I know a lot of it is the way producers set it up, I feel like she is the front runner. Ben always seems to relax the most around her (even though he says it about Jojo). Out of all of the hometowns, I felt like hers was the easiest and most comfortable. 

Jojo: The hometown with nonstop drama. Not only did Jojo’s ex pop into the picture (who is also apparently watching her dog while she is on the show) but her brother’s were not quite fans of Ben and the bachelor process. I completely understand why Ben eliminated Amanda but I was actually shocked to see Jojo make it another week. There has to be doubts forming in Ben’s mind!

Just three more weeks left, is anyone else expecting Women Tell All to be uneventful? 

What are your thoughts on The Biggest Loser? Would you keep watching? 
Bachelor winner? Who is your pick?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. I do not watch Biggest Loser but I do watch The Bachelor (add your site to our linkup on my page)!! I am growing to like Caila. I think he is much more physically attracted to her than emotionally, and they have a lot more in common than the other girls. I do think Lauren B will win and I hope it is Caila and Lauren in the top two. I just don’t get why Jojo has made it this far?! Happy watching!

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