Busy Week

BUSY WEEK! Man, this week has been so incredibly busy, getting stuff for the yearbook done, exams, games, boys. Whoops did I just say that? LoL! Yes, I did just say that.

With exams just around the corner the teachers are piling on the homework.YUCK! My schedule is getting totally hectic. Obviously.

Next topic, RETURNING TO GYM! YAY! finally I’m going in to do some conditioning. Slowly work my way back. Wohoo! I cannot wait, I miss everyone.

Boys, the big topic. LoL. Anyway, this is kinda confusing, so to make a long story short, Dan, broke up with his girlfriend, and then spent an entire confirmation class trying to convince me to go on this skiing trip he’s going on. UGGG! I like Dan. I admit it, OK, it’s quite obvious. Anyway, Gotta go!


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